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Web Scraping Automotive Industry Data

The AutoScout24 site is one of the most popular classifieds sites for engines (cars, motorcycles, campers, etc.). Advertisers range from individuals to companies and you can view ads by type of vehicle, region, location or keyword. AutoScout24 is in numerous languages, including German (autoscout24.de), Dutch (autoscout24.nl), French (autoscout24.fr) and Italian (autoscout24.it), European (autoscouteurope.com), Austria (autoscout24.at), Belgium (autoscout24.be), Spain (autoscout24.es), Luxemburg (autoscout24.lu), Netherlands (autoscout24.nl). Webscrapingexpert provides best Autoscout24 Used Cars Scraping Services and AutoScout24 Scraper.

Automotive companies use Automobile Data Scraping for multiple purposes. It’s enabling them to collect customer data from their dealer database and deliver insights on feedback and preferences with the goal of improving marketing, manufacturing efficiency, and monitoring their brand image and competition. The pioneers in this area are reaping the benefits of using their technology to shorten design cycle, reduce development costs, and design models which are more sustainable and consistent. If you’re an analytics firm catering specifically to the automobile sector, you can make use of web data extraction to derive insights from popular portals like AutoTrader, AutoScout24 and AutoNation.

What is AutoScout24?                        
AutoScout24 is the largest European car market, with 30 million monthly users and over 500 employees. With offices in 18 countries and 43,000 associated dealers, they are present in all major European markets. They were founded as MasterCar AG “in Munich” in 1998 and have since evolved into AutoScout24. As a platform for car trading online, it offers its customers and traders infrastructure from the automotive industry covering cars, finance and insurance. The car marketplace encompasses used and new cars, motorcycles, caravans, and utility vehicles. Features such as the smart search support users in finding the perfect car. Price and vehicle evaluation ensure full disclosure when buying or selling cars online. By providing dealer rankings to its users, an independent platform provides a secure environment.

Data Field Listing for Autoscout24 Used Cars Scraping Services and AutoScout24 Scraper
The following data can be extracted from Autoscout24 by using Webscrapingexpert.com’s Autoscout24 Used Cars Scraping Services and AutoScout24 Scraper.

– Model Name
– Prices
– Location
– Car Images
– Mileage
– Gearbox
– First Registration
– Fuel Type
– Power
– Basic Data
– Vehicle History
– Technical Data
– Energy Consumption
– Equipment
– Colour and Upholstery
– Seller
– Number Of Ratings
– Vehicle Description
– Dealer Name
– Dealer Contact Details
– Dealer Email

AutoScout24 Scraper                
AutoScout24 Scraper/ Autoscout24 Used Cars Scraping can be used to find data from various sources. Once the search has been carried out and the data obtained, it will be possible to export it all to a CSV file. Webscrapingexpert developed the AutoScout24 Scraper/ Autoscout24 Used Cars Scraping to help automate extracting data from AutoScout24. With the use of this AutoScout24 Scraper/ Autoscout24 Used Cars Scraping, you can export data in a variety of formats, from XML to Excel and TXT to JSON format.

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