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With our Final Expense Lists – Final Expense Leads, you will be able to target prospects that are most likely to want and need final expense insurance. Utilize our Final Expense Lists – Final Expense Leads to boost your lead generation efforts.

Looking for a way to avoid passing funeral costs down to their families when the time comes? Our Final Expense Lists – Final Expense Leads are ideal for reaching prospects interested in plans that cover their burial expenses, so they can leave their loved ones with a financial burden and stress free. We compile Final Expense Lists – Final Expense Leads that enable you to reach out to individuals who will be most likely to be interested in what you have to say. With our help, your final expense campaign will be delivered only to those who are most likely to be receptive.

What is Final Expense Insurance?

The purpose of final expense insurance is to cover funeral expenses (hence the name final expense) when the named insured dies. In the event of the death of a loved one, a Final Expenses policy will help ease the financial burden placed on the deceased’s family. A permanent (whole life) type of policy with a small monetary value is similar to a traditional life insurance policy. Final Expense Lists – Final Expense Leads allow you to filter prospects by age, income, wealth, homeowner status, number of children, and many other factors to target and cross-sell your insurance products. By marketing your Final Expense insurance products to a customized and targeted life insurance list, you can connect with your ideal client and increase your chances of success.

Insurance Agents, Funeral Homes, And Cemeteries Can Use Final Expense Lists

In our Final Expense Lists – Final Expense Leads, we target individuals in the lower-to-mid income ranges looking for smaller policies to cover final expenses or who can’t find coverage through traditional life insurance sources.

We offer Final Expense Lists – Final Expense Leads for the following:
– Direct Mail
– Door-to-Door
– Telemarketing

Direct Mail Results: The Final Expense space has always been a good place for direct mail.
– You’ll get 20-50 direct mail leads if you mail 10,000 pieces.
– 12 to 16 sales presentations from 30 direct mail leads.
– A total of 12 to 16 sales presentations will result in 5 to 8 sales.
– Estimate each sale will average $50 per month or $600 per year.
– According to Douglass Massi, Final Expense Sales Trainer and Top Producer for Security National List in 2015, 2016 and 2017, if you make 6 sales per 30 leads, you will earn over $100,000 a year, even if 20% of the business falls off in the first year.

Canvassing door-to-door: Door-to-door canvassing can be very effective using Final Expense Lists – Final Expense Leads. You can narrow down your criteria and customize a targeted list and have it emailed to you in street / house number sequence to make your canvassing efforts more effective. (Please note that if you order this Final Expense Lists – Final Expense Leads online, it will not arrive in street order.)
– 3-5 presentations can be obtained from 30-40 door knocks a day.
– You can get a sale or three with 3-5 presentations.
– You can make more than 20 sales a month if you do this five days a week.
– The income from 20 sales a month can easily reach six figures.

Telemarketing: The use of telemarketing is still an affordable way to generate leads. Our Final Expense Lists – Final Expense Leads are scrubbed to ensure you are only calling numbers that aren’t on do not call lists. The majority of agents work with call centers, while others do their own calling. If you want to sell final expense insurance over the phone, you will need patience, a strong work ethic, and some good phone manners. Your goal is to build rapport with your prospects.

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We Provide You With An Final Expense Lists – Final Expense Leads By USA Cities

New York, Chicago, Orlando, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Nashville, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Las Vegas, San Jose, San Antonio, Houston, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, Austin, Phoenix, Fort Worth, Baltimore, Detroit, Oklahoma City, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Kansas City, Charlotte, Miami, El Paso, Atlanta, Denver, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Memphis, Columbus, Sacramento, Fresno, Albuquerque, Omaha, Louisville, Colorado Springs, Raleigh, Arlington, Portland, Tulsa, Virginia Beach, Wichita, Mesa, Honolulu, Long Beach, Bakersfield, Tucson.

The leads you purchase are exclusively yours. We do not resell any leads we receive back from mailings you pay for. This commitment is what makes us the leading final expense leads vendor in the insurance industry. Please contact us at info@webscrapingexpert.com if you would like more information about our Final Expense Lists – Final Expense Leads.

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