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stock market data scraping

Project Title: Web Scraping Stock Market Data

Project Description:
I’m currently in the process of gathering a few quotes for a web scraping – stock market project I’m working on and I thought your company looked like one I should reach out to. I’ve tried to include all the detailed requirements of the project within this email. Please let me know if you’d be interested, as well as how much you would charge. Thanks!

Project Summary

I’m seeking to analyze the largest daily % stock gainers and losers on 3 US Stock Exchanges: Nasdaq, NYSE, and AMEX. Specifically, I’m looking to analyze companies that increased 8% or more in one day, as well as companies that decreased 8% or more in one day, and to then see how those companies performed the day after their large increase or decrease. So in essence, at the close of every market session, I’m hoping to add all the 8% or more gainers and losers to a spreadsheet along with various data fields about the stock on that day, which can all be captured within Yahoo Finance. Then, at the close of the very next market session, I’d like to have those same stocks that were added to the spreadsheet the day before, updated with data based on how they traded the day after their large increase or decrease. Additionally, on that day, there would be the new group of 8% or more increase/decrease stocks which would be added to the spreadsheet, and the cycle would continue. All data for the entire project would be from within Yahoo Finance.

I’ve included a list of the detailed requirements below along with a spreadsheet that shows all the data fields I would be looking to capture and the ideal format they would be captured in.

Detailed Requirements

– The first tab of the attached spreadsheet “Increases” should only include US equities on the Nasdaq, NYSE, or AMEX that increased 8% or more on a given day.

– The second tab of the attached spreadsheet “Decreases” should only include US equities on the Nasdaq, NYSE, or AMEX that decreased 8% or more on a given day.

– Please separate the “Increases” and “Decreases” tabs into two separate workbooks to help keep the file sizes down.

– The first row in the spreadsheet is fake data I put in to give an idea of how the formatting should look. This row can be deleted once the project is setup.

– The columns highlighted in gray are calculated fields and will not require any data extractions to be added to them (i.e., the formulas just need to be copied down the page).

– All data should be captured using Yahoo Finance.

– The daily list of stocks that had a large % increase or decrease can be found using one of these two links:

– Only stocks that had an 8% or more increase or decrease in a given day should be added to the spreadsheet (i.e., when using the links above, stocks that don’t meet the 8% requirement should not be added the spreadsheet).

– All other fields in the spreadsheet can be completed using the individual stock’s Summary Quote page and Key Statistics Page as found in Yahoo Finance.

– Anytime Yahoo Finance lists “N/A” within a data field, simply put “N/A” in the spreadsheet.

– Once the daily list of 8% or more increase and decrease stocks are added to the spreadsheet, along with all the corresponding data fields, additional pieces of data should then be captured based on how those stocks performed during their next trading day (i.e., in the template, there is a vertical line; to the left of the line is all the Day 1 data (Day 1 is the day the stock had a large increase or decrease) and to the right of the vertical line is where all the Day 2 data should be captured (Day 2 is the trading day after the stock had its 8% or more increase or decrease).

– Ideally the spreadsheet would be updated with data every day that the markets are open (i.e., being careful not to set it as every day because as an example, if the markets are closed on a Friday, the project may erroneously capture the same data twice (Thursday and Friday) – note: if this is too tricky to do, I can just manually remove the duplicate data lines for those days in which the market was closed.

– Every time the spreadsheet is being updated, two things would be occurring:

(A) new Day 1 data is added to the spreadsheet (i.e., new rows).

(B) Day 2 data is being added for stocks that were added to the list from the previous trading day.

– The same files can continue to be updated every day (i.e., no need to create separate daily files).

– The files are accessible for download on a daily basis (1 file for the increases, 1 file for the decreases).

– I anticipate needing the extraction for at least 1 year (but likely longer).

Thanks for taking the time to read through this email. Please feel free to email me back at this address or call me to discuss if easier.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

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