Web Scraping of Car Parts Website

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Project Title: Web Scraping of Cars Parts

Project Description:
The task is to extract from the website of the auto parts marketplace information about all the goods existing on this resource. The resource has about 29 million pages.

Example page:

Example of a detail card:

Each page can be opened using the product_id parameter in the range from 0 to 29,000,000 Namely:
1) Part number,
2) Part manufacturer,
3) a description of the part,

Additional information from the product card such as:
(tab all about the product)
4) Height,
5) Length,
6) Width,
7) Weight,
(tab original numbers)
8) Original part manufacturer
9) A list of original part numbers (tab analogs substitutes)
10) Substitute manufacturer
11) Part number of the substitute(tab original numbers)
12) URL picture details

There is a runtime program that performs the first three points of this task, but the problem is that it takes a very long time, approximately 100 pages per minute are processed, based on this speed, the processing of the entire resource will take about a year.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 2 years ago Danielle P

    Scrape search results on carsales.com.au for all used cars in Australia to an excel spreadsheet format.

    I require a spreadsheet as the output of this project.

  • 2 years ago Ryan M

    Please share the price information for scraping car data from a link: https://www.carnext.com/fr-fr/.

  • 2 years ago Jeanette Eveline

    Are you able to scrape used car parts data from the below-given link?

    Link: onlinecarparts.co.uk

  • 2 years ago Chelsea Corinne

    Would you scrape the car database from zoopercars.com.au?

  • 2 years ago James Joseph

    What would be your price structure for providing scraping work from websites?


  • 2 years ago Lindsey Helen

    Need an expert to scrape car auctions data daily from copart.com, add data to mysql and show it in admin panel.

  • 2 years ago William Ryan

    While looking for someone who can scrape car details daily from Iseecars.com I stumbled upon your website. Will you be able to assist?

  • 2 years ago Sarah Marie

    We are looking for someone who can assist us with the scrape of used cars listings daily from Vroom.com. Would you be able to assist us? Please advise.


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