Web Scraping for Healthcare Executives & Marketing Personnel

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Project Title: Web Scraping for Healthcare Executives & Marketing Personnel

Project Description:
Need to compile a list of healthcare executives from Hospitals, hospital systems, and physician groups. The titles that apply are: Chief Marketing Officer, VP or Vice President of Marketing, Director of marketing, manager of marketing. Also Office manager and practice manager could apply for physician practices.

Desired information is work e-mail address and personal e-mail address if possible. Also physical mailing address where available.

I have reviewed the options below, but individually none of them solve the problem.


The person/team I hire will be able to extract contact information for the titles listed above for healthcare companies. I have a large list of URL’s (More than 75,000) that I can provide if that will improve the quality of the results.

Would like to work in two phases where the initial data is gathered and it is reviewed by me to ensure that correct information is being gathered. Once we are in agreement that the data is correct, then we can continue the project and extract data from the other URL’s.

Matching work addresses and personal e-mail addresses is an ideal result, but not required.

If you have an alternative solution that you would recommend or that might provide better results, let’s discuss.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.


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