Web Scrape Company for eCommerce / Retail Scraping Services

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Project Title: Web Scrape Company for eCommerce / Retail Scraping Services

Project Description:
We are interested in setting up a discovery call with your company about your eCommerce / Retail scraping services.

Topics for discussion:
1) What are your overall Web scraping capabilities?
2) Which Grocery or Mass Retailers you have built scrapes for?
3) Which ones have you tried and been unsuccessful?
4) Cost to implement existing scrapes?
5) Cost/Timeline to build new scrapes?
6) How have you dealt with sites that do not have UPC’s?
7) Experience in matching like items with different UPC’s (exclusive retail products)?
8) Experience transferring large amounts of data on a daily basis?
9) How long does it take your scraper to run through an entire eCommerce site and a Retailer store/location specific site?
10) How do you test / validate the scrape data?

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 5 years ago Anthony Brooks

    We want to daily monitor the prices of products from Amazon as well as Ebay. How much does it generally cost?

  • 5 years ago Louise Carriere

    Will you guys be able to scrape the products data from Kohls.com? What is the rate per 50K products?


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