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web scraping services

Project Title: Web Data Extraction Services

Project Description:
I’m looking for a company to provide web data extraction services.

The target is a single site which must be scraped on a weekly basis. Broadly we expect the process to run a number of searches (a small number of 1000s) and follow through the result pages for each. Each result page has a well defined html structure with say 20 results on each. Each result can have one (say) half a dozen slightly different layouts with around 6 salient elements.

Each result points to a page with more detail (around another 6 items, some being extensive text others being image links and so on).

We want a job to run each week which will retrieve all the results and, where a result has changed, or is new to retrieve the data on the linked page.

There are of the order of 1 million data elements on this site. The scraping should be implemented in such a way as to minimise issues with IP blocking.

I would probably want the scraper to run on AWS.

I hope that information is enough for you to provide an estimate for development costs and I look forward to your response!

For smililar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 6 years ago Joyce Gardner

    Hi, we are looking to scrape a different sources to get of restaurants in Spain from TripAdvisor and Google.

    How much would this cost and how long would it take?

  • 6 years ago Patricia Hamilton

    Give me pricing, time frame and sample data for the project requirement.

    The project requirement is:
    Source: http://www.booking.com
    Category: Restaurants and Hotels
    Location: UK

  • 6 years ago Anthony FISHER

    Price for scraping Local Business Directory with business email list from BBB.org.

  • 6 years ago Brian Jackson

    Let me know the price for data extraction from brownbook.net with data-fields like:
    Name, Address, Category, Phone, Website and Email.

  • 5 years ago Ian Wilson

    What is the price to scrape Hotels data from Expedia and TripAdvisor? I’d like to get both the websites scrapped.


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