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Project Title: University and Colleges Students Email List

Project Description:
The project is fairly simple, but requires searching the web to find the college investment clubs all over the world (US, Australia, London, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong , etc etc, etc)

A new online startup requires data to be collected and inputted into a spreadsheet.

The target is all University and Colleges globally that have “Investment” or “Finance” student clubs and to collect their website, main contact (name, email, phone number) and location of campus. If there are officers listed on the website, which there should be, we would like the emails of those officers listed in the spreadsheet. We estimate this will take about 4-5 days of data collection from over 500 school websites.

Some schools will have multiple clubs and these can be classified under the following keywords – Investment, Investing, Finance, Banking, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Sales & Trading Club

Some examples:

New York University Stern http://nyustern.campusgroups.com/shfa/about-us/ (For example, School: NYU Stern, Club: Hedge Fund Association, Contact: shfa@stern.nyu.edu; Location: New York, Level: MBA students). This is an MBA club, there will also be an undergraduate club for example http://pages.stern.nyu.edu/~iag/ (So again, School: NYU Stern, Club: Investment Analysis Group, Contact: iag@…..edu; location: New York, Level: Undergrad students).

Harvard: http://hbsinvestmentclub.org/

Columbia: http://www0.gsb.columbia.edu/students/organizations/cima/

Wharton: http://www.whartoninvestmentclub.com/

AGSM: http://www.asb.unsw.edu.au/futurestudents/postgraduate/agsmmba/Pages/studentclubs.aspx

Bond University: http://www.bondstudents.com/clubs-2/clubs/social-and-cultural-clubs/bond-investment-group-big/

Sydney Uni: http://www.finsoc.org.au/

For example this is a list of TOP finance schools – http://grad-schools.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-business-schools/finance-rankings

Other rankings http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/rankings/business-finance/spp+50

Then one should search for these schools finance/investing clubs.

Please provide a quote on this in terms of cost per hour to produce and terms. We will only pay for this if it meets the above requirements we have listed. Feel free to ask any particular questions if you don’t understand the project.

For smililar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com

  • 6 years ago Larry Adams

    I want information on Staff/Faculty from various Universities Websites. Please provide price quote with various list of universities websites.

    Thank you in advance.

  • 6 years ago ELAINE FISHER

    Looking for someone who can help us retrieving students information from Florida State University (www.fsu.edu).

  • 6 years ago DALE Rodriguez

    Please scrape students data from Ohio State University (www.osu.edu) and let me know the price.

  • 5 years ago Joe Lonsdale

    I need the complete email list of staff and alumni at Northwestern University.

  • 5 years ago Andrew Dsida

    How much does it cost to scrape undergraduates database from http://www.purdue.edu/? Please let me know.


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