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University College School Data Scraping

When marketing to students, it can be tricky to find a database company that can provide accurate email leads. Because this leads changes frequently, a lot of your efforts end up wasted with undeliverable mail or bounced emails, if you aren’t using the right company. WebScrapingExpert.com makes sure to only provide Best USA Students Email List Scraping services so we can help you stay in touch with this growing and mobile target audience.

With our USA Students Email List Scraping service, you can reach out and connect with the newly enrolled or active students who need your services, whether you’re selling goods or information. Our USA Students Email List Scraping service make it easy for you to reach the students who need your message, while ensuring the quality of their contact is accurate and meaningful to them. We also give our student data lists fresh update constantly to ensure that they have up-to-date information (meaning we verify every contact we send). To take advantage of the real buying power of college students, get in touch with them with our student data list. Whether you like to offer discounts on whatever it is students need most, or advertise a campaign for your company, our list of student emails reach students who are really interested in what you have to offer. Our College Students Email List Scraping service make it easy for you to purchase these accurate and targeted lists so that you can market effectively without wasting your money while remaining legit and truthful. Our data is verified and constantly updated to ensure that you are only reaching the people who want your information. Every month we make changes in order to remain relevant.

Our preference-based student data list has the email addresses and phone numbers of buyers. This makes it easy to reach out and educate your potential clients as well as helps you avoid wasting money on unresponsive contacts. We’re confident that our student data lists can help you get in touch with student leads quickly, which is why we offer a guarantee for delivering these sales leads. Meanwhile, our custom email lead generator tool can come in handy by narrowing down your prospective student buyers, allowing you to sell your product or service to the next generation of consumers when you buy College Students Email List Scraping services from WebScrapingExpert.com!

Our main Student Data List Categories Include:

College Students:
College students are a very specific audience, and with 8.6 million in our database, College Student access is available for direct mailing or email communication. With that target in mind, College Students are the first thing companies reach out to. As consumers go through the college search process and many other changes, their preferences may change often over the course of earning a degree. These changes make this a great group to implement marketing strategies on at any point during their studies. Companies who offer a variety of services including software, electronics, cell companies and career & vocational services have successfully utilized our data to target customers. With Current College Student Data, we have Alumni Data for over 14 Million Alumni Contacts with Postal Information and Email Addresses. These Alumni can be selected by the University attended, as well as the Subject the Ex-College Students Majored in.

High School Students:
We have over 5.5 million high school students available for direct mail marketing with names and addresses in our high school student database. We can select our audience by zip code, county or radius, then by class year, age and gender as well as annual household income. A high school student is an excellent target market for products and services such as, College Prep Materials, Career & Vocational Services, Prom Dresses, Computer Games, Educational Funding Offers and Software, Military Enlistment Offers, Limousine Services and Sporting Goods.

Junior High School Students:
According to our analysis of over 1.5 million students, we can target any family who is likely to have children in the Junior High School database. You can select based on zip code, county or radius, age and gender, along with annual household income. The list include: 151 different types of offers for the products and services that junior high school students are interested in buying.

List of Data Fields We Extract:
Student Name
School/university Name
Email ID

We have the Most Comprehensive and Accurate Database of Students
We offer a student database that contains millions of contacts for high school and college students. Using the data in our student data list, you can choose to target these prospects at their home or college addresses, depending on the time of year. We have wide range of Customize list with additional selection criteria.

High school student data we extract:
Class year
College-bound interests
College intent
Household income
Date of birth

College student data we extract:
Class year
Field of study
College attending
Sports conference
Home/school address
School type

Following businesses use our student data list to market their products to younger demographic:
Colleges and universities
Food and beverage companies
Entertainment venues
Credit card companies
Retail clothing stores

How We Verify Our Student Data List?
At Webscrapingexpert, we want to provide you with accurate student leads that are collected from a variety of sources. To do this, we collect business information and consumers from a several sources like:

New business filings
User-generated feedback
Corporate websites
Press releases
Daily utility connections
Annual reports
U.S. and Canadian Yellow Page directories
And more

Benefits of Using Our Services

Quality Data
Data changes over time, which is why it’s important to partner with a big data company that share in your success. We invest millions every year and dedicate over 300 full-time research members to ensure our business and consumer records are kept up to date.

Fulfill Industry Expectation
We want to help you succeed. Through our focus on effective communication, we will partner with alumni who have gained experience by working with mailing lists at other organizations. Our experienced team members are available by phone, email, and chat to help implement unique solutions tailored to your situation.

Satisfaction Guarantee
A major academic institution performed an independent audit of our 100,000 customer records and found a 95% confidence level in their accuracy. We stand behind our job services with both a satisfaction guarantee and an industry-leading service track record.

Growing Your School
We take the time-consuming chore out of finding students for your academic institution by matching contact information that has been grouped together. We guarantee high conversion rates and targeting subscribers at exactly the right time.

For your requirements of students data scraping services contact us via our email address info@webscrapingexpert.com.  We are here to offer you the best results!

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