Setting Fixed Crawler on 3 Sites

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Project Title: Setting Fixed Crawler on 3 Sites

Project Description:
Fixed crawler on 3 sites:
main points
1. Pumping of all the information described.
2. Update the database base every time according to system settings (will that be management?).
3. Must work with a proxy.
4. Management interface to run or stop the curler on a regular basis.
5. A priority to be developed on the MONGODB data base.
6. Priority to develop on Angular and nodeJS.
7. Anywhere marked to pull the information and it’s a link – go to the link and take the source link and not the referring link.
8. You have to think about how no duplicate information will be extracted (the system should recognize that you have already visited the page – if it has already visited the page).

Site 1:
link to a website: https://www.d.co.il/

– Enter “all categories” (listed at the bottom of the site) – https://www.d.co.il/headings01.html
– Enter each category and category in the list, and take the information as described in the characterization.
– Please note – there is navigation by A-B to other categories.
– The number of results must be recorded.
– (Business records displayed) Every entry and record must be entered.
– After about 41 results, additional results must be uploaded to enter them – until the existing results are completed(If the need for more loading problem – think of a solution).

It is worth checking in advance – there may be difficulty performing because of advertisements in the middle of the lists

– I mark all the sections to be listed.
Note: – There are tabs that display the “All Information” button that opens more information.
(Difficulty: Coping with Opening More Information (Some Business Pages Have a Button Against Bots).

– View the opening of the additional information.
– At the bottom of a business page there is tag information – each say in a separate section.

Site 2: https://easy.co.il/

– You go down on the home page, you see a list of areas, you go into every link and it brings you to a page that lists a business list in that area.

Solution 2: Write letter by letter here in Hebrew (A-Z) and click on Search – – brings you to the site’s internal pages.
You should keep it in line with the entire state of Israel.

– Notice the amount of result of the records.
– Every entry and record must be entered to record and retrieve the information.
– You must go down and click the “Show more results” button to see a list(If the need for more loading problem – think of a solution).
– All marked information must be recorded.
– Open the circle and pull the information.
– Enter the marked button, and pull all reviews.
– Reviews should be entered under what is on the menu”Marked with a circle”.
– You have to pull the list – every entry contains a link to where it takes and the details that are marked.

Next on the page you must pull the marked data (in the circle displays tags, each tag will appear in a separate field) (marked in the second circle, this is an opening link that shows links of the page – each link must reach the source and display in a separate field) (Displays the window that shows the links of the page -See the following 2 pictures ).
A window with the links of the page.

Site 3: https://www.zap.co.il/

– On the home page – Enter the “To all categories” button, move to the next page.
– Displays a list of all categories – each category should enter and record the information described in the characterization.
– Entering the category: Showing a product list.
– It should be considered that it does not make a problem for the robot when an advertisement is displayed.
– You need to enter a featured page by clicking the “for more details” button – so should every product and product.

Note that this is not a problem for a robot when displayed in between and an advertisement.

– Go to more pages to see more products in the category list.
– Below are images of a product page that should list the information in the highlighted areas.
– Further down the page there is a graph, you have to take all the information of the graph shown at each point in the graph and create a summary information table of each point.
– Go to the menu within a product page to view more information about the product – all marked information must be taken from any business listing that offers a product quote.
– The information must be taken in every record of a business located within the icon (see description of how to display).
– Another go to the menu – and take everything highlighted from any business record.
– Another go to the product menu> Clicking the logo image of each business entry – will display the business page.
– Business Page: Showing Business Information – Click the “More Info” button to view all business information.

When displaying all information, all marked must be recorded. Marked in circle, display buttons to reveal hidden information.

Below is a description of the hidden information after clicking – All markings must be taken as information, all circles are buttons to open more information.

At any time – By definition in a management system, all pages are logged in to see if there is an update to the information.

On a product page in the section that shows business bids – goes in every day to check the bids – for this purpose it saves the changes every day (you should probably create a column for each day or a table for each product on the prices offered each day).

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

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