Scraping Hotels Data from Booking.com

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Project Title: Scraping Hotels Data Verified from Booking.com

Project Description:
I went through your website and I would like to get a quote for a project I’m working on which include data from Hotel website.

I don’t have API access, so I need to scrap all hotels and verify with booking.com hotels and I need to get the data into a csv or excel file with some specific fields.

Please review it and tell me if you can do it and how much will you charge for that..

So first of all, I need to scrape the Hebrew version of one of hotel website with my affiliate version (URL should contain my affiliate ID number) so the booking homepage is looking like this:

And here are the exact fields I need:

1. Hotel name

2. Hotel URL – Important: all the hotels URLs need to include my booking. com affiliate ID which is: 1345368. so if for example we are taking this URL:

3. The first paragraph of the hotel description – Important: I need this text to be in Hebrew but if there is hotels in that doesn’t have this text in Hebrew, than I will need it in English. So the default of this text should be always in Hebrew.

Just to make sure that you are understand what I mean when I’m saying “First paragraph of the hotel description”, please look at the attach screenshot number 1 I’m adding here and approve it.

4. Hotel main picture URL

5. Hotel city In Hebrew

6. Hotel city in English

7. The hotel’s stars number – 1 stars, 2 stars, 3 stars, etc…

8. The hotel’s total user review score – number.

9. Free wi-fi include – yes or no.

10. Swimming pool include – yes or no.

11. Parking include – yes or no.

Also, I will need to scrape the score numbers of the specific parameters user’s review score that every hotel has in booking.com site (please see attach screenshot number 2).

So this is those parameters I will need in the file:

12. The “location” score – number

13. The “cleanliness” score – number

14. The “staff” score – number

15. The “value for money” score – number

16. The “breakfast” score – number

17. The “facilities” score – number

Please review this list and if there is anything you think that is need to be discussed, please ask.

Thank you very much and I’m looking forward to hear from you soon.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 6 years ago Lawrence Hall

    Will be able to scrape hotels data from agoda.com that is very similar site of Booking.com in terms of travel industry?

    I want just Hotel URL, Hotel Name and Website URL to scrape. Can you do it?

  • 6 years ago Thomas Miller

    I have requirement for scraping all information of hotels from TripAdvisor for Germany. Looking forward to work with you.

  • 6 years ago Keith BURNS

    I am looking to scrape few of Hotel websites. Can you give me quote for scraping all hotels available on agoda.com? Thanks.

  • 5 years ago BARRY Walker

    I want to scrape hotels from agoda.com and then find their website and email address from Google Search. Can you perform this activity?

  • 5 years ago Brian Petersen

    Hi, need to extract hotels listings from hotels.com. Can you extract it in CSV format?

  • 5 years ago Hazel CALDWELL

    Need to extract specific list of hotels listed on Kayak.com. Can you do it? Kindly advise cost.


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