Scraping YouTube Emails Database

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Project Title: Scraping YouTube Emails Database

Project Description:
Hello I am working with music artists and helping them gather emails / contact information on their fans so they can better market online.

My client is looking to find ways to extract emails from Youtube subscribers of certain artists to create new marketing methods

Are you able to extract emails from YouTube?

If so the job might be for you, if you have other ideas of ways to gather data and how that can be valuable to my client we’d be interesting in hearing your ideas as well.

Thank you so much!!

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 4 years ago Larry Kutscher

    Hello There,

    We have a list of the largest US Cities in the country.

    We would like you to search this email database: https://www.usmayors.org/mayors/meet-the-mayors.

  • 4 years ago Jeffry Stuek Jr

    We need to scrape US Psychiatrist Email list , can you please help?

  • 4 years ago Pamela Carvell

    I need to scrape emails from https://www.crunchbase.com.

    Please provide quotation

  • 4 years ago Amanda Jacobson

    I need to find the email addresses of all of the chambers of commerce from the website https://www.officialusa.com/.

  • 4 years ago Dimitris Serifis

    Will you guys please advise the quote for extracting data from https://www.whitepages.com? Do let me know at earliest.

  • 4 years ago David Durnford

    I’m looking for an expert to scrape Real Estate Agent Email IDs as well as other necessary data from https://www.coldwellbankerhomes.com.

  • 4 years ago Emilie Care

    I’m Looking for a scraper to build a tool to retrieve email addresses from websites listed AND email addresses that are stored within website in email forms and are not visible.

  • 4 years ago Fifer Garbesi

    We need to get Email data on all Roofing Contractors in USA.

    How long will it take and what is the price? We also want to scrape data from various Business Directories.

  • 4 years ago Adrian

    Will you please let us know the cost for scraping entire business directory: https://www.goldenpages.ie?

  • 4 years ago Heather

    Need your help for the extraction of data from https://www.homeadvisor.com. Is this something you can do? If yes, provide a sample to review.

  • 4 years ago George Reisman

    I will provide you a list of websites have to scrape their contact details and email address, Can you do it? Please advise the cost.

  • 4 years ago Kenneth Rexroth

    Scrape business marketing contact database from https://www.crunchbase.com/ If yes, Let me know the price and time required.


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