Scraping USA Lawyers Database

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Project Title: Scraping USA Lawyers Database

Project Description:
I saw your website where you have a page for lawyer scraping. We need lawyer data in the US such as bar associations, avvo, lawyers.com, Google maps, etc.

What are your offers? Can you collect bar association websites for all states?

We have some questions:
What is the total number of unique emails?
How fresh is this data?
How is this structured? Is it one file or 398 files separately?
What are the columns? Do you have names, last names, email, address, county, state, phone number separately?
Is there any pivot information? How many family lawyers, how many criminal or which states do you cover, etc?
Can you send a sample of couple of hundred lawyers so we can see the quality and structure of this?

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 3 weeks ago Logan John

    Can you quote and send sample data for scraping Lawyers data from: avvo.com?

  • 3 weeks ago Daniel Conrad

    Hi there,

    We need an expert to create a database of Lawyers from martindale.com. Let me know the cost.

  • 3 weeks ago Shari Jill

    Website Link: bestlawyers.com

    We want to extract this website and get all the lawyers details into excel, Let me know if you can do this? How much cost for it?

  • 3 weeks ago Rebecca Debra


    Scrape entire Lawyers directory avvo.com to get the details of all the lawyers in a CSV file.

  • 3 weeks ago Shelby Chung

    Please scrape details from ohiobar.org.

    What would be price?

  • 3 weeks ago Koker Kolsteren

    Make a tool to extract Lawyers listing from justia.com, What would be cost for making a tool?

  • 3 weeks ago Geoffroi-Beri

    What is the price to extract lawyers information from nolo.com? Please advise.

  • 3 weeks ago Kevin Kiam

    Do you have ready database of Lawyers? If so how many listings are there in Avvo.com?

  • 3 weeks ago Maria Chapman

    I want to know the cost of extracting lawyers’ data from avvo.com. Can you give your answer with a sample?

  • 3 weeks ago Konstantina Chantzis

    Collect the list of lawyers and their emails by scraping data from Justia.com. We want complete website scrapped. Provide the best cost and time required.


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