Scraping USA Doctors Database

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Project Title: Scraping USA Doctors Database

Project Description:
We are looking to scrape demographics data on several tens of thousands of physician profiles various doctor directory and verify with any other doctor’s directory. Directories have information on physicians embedded in their HTML code. Every physician has a publicly available unique “social security number” called an NPI number. We will provide the NPI numbers that will be the input to the search tool.

The tool locks after 20 or so searches with “429 Bad request….”

Ideally the tool would be web-based and there deliverable would be an excel file with the physician data.

Once logged in to director, go to URL for searching page.

We would like to provide a few second delay between each profile request. The ideal tool would auto login to the web site, enter the npi number, scrape the code, and export it into excel. Sample NPI number: 1013087600

“Inspect element” or however you evaluate the source code. Click on the link in the name “Patrick Muffley” with hyperlink to get demographics including email and NPI.

{“_id”:”529407″,”_score”:1.1360599,”sort”:null,”id”:529407,”full_name_with_credentials”:”Patrick Muffley, DO”,”first_name”:”Patrick”,”last_name”:”Muffley”,”credentials”:”DO”,”public_profile_photo_url”:”image link”,”public_url”:”source link

Desired variables to scrape:
– ID number
– NPI code
– First name
– Middle name
– Last name
– Name Suffix (Jr.)
– Full name with credentials
– Credentials (e.g. MD)
– Additional credentials
– Professional title (e.g. Assistant professor)
– Tenure
– Age
– Year of Birth
– Specialty name
– Subspecialty
– Street Address
– City
– State
– Zip code
– Country
– Phone number
– Fax number
– Email 1
– Email 2
– Email 3
– Email x
– Last year of fellowship
– Last year of residency
– Training type (e.g. residency)
– Training institution
– Training program
– Training start year
– Training end year
– Training state

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 6 years ago Charles GRAHAM

    I need some information to be scraped from Doctor Directory across USA states. Can you extract doctor records with the email address?

    Directory Site is: https://doctor.webmd.com/

  • 6 years ago BARRY Jackson

    How much do you charge to scrape database of doctors from vitals.com? Did you perform this type of extraction in the past? Please let me know.

  • 5 years ago Cynthia Henderson

    Scrape the list of doctors from the above mentioned website and deliver it in a JSON format. Please note you have to extract data of all doctors in USA.

  • 5 years ago Virginia Phillips

    Please get in touch with further details for data scraping details of doctors or physicians. What is your price per record?

  • 4 years ago Kerry Halupka

    Looking for someone who can scrape doctors details from Instagram.

  • 4 years ago Rachel Kalmar

    Would like to get a quote for scraping all Chiropractors from https://www.vitals.com. How long would it take and what will be the cost?

  • 2 years ago Mae West

    Can you scrape the data of the health providers from USA directories and send it to us in the CSV file? How much will it charge and how long will it take?

  • 2 years ago April

    We need to scrape doctors, doctors reviews and ratings from https://www.vitals.com/ Do you already have any data scraped from this directory? What have you scraped recently? If yes, send us the sample so that we can proceed.

  • 2 years ago Andrew White

    How much time does it take to extract doctors email list from https://www.sotoeurope.org/members?

  • 2 years ago Charles Baudelaire

    We need a doctors database from Russia, Germany, Ukraine and France with their profiles, if you have any such database ready then send us a sample.


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