Scraping the USDA Branded Food Products Online Database

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Project Title: Scraping the USDA Branded Food Products Online Database

Project Description:

The USDA provides free, publically available ingredient, food product, and nutrition data.

While ingredient and nutrition data are downloadable as a database, the Branded Food Products database is not. The USDA plans to provide downloadable files sometime within 2017.

We have an immediate need for Branded Food Product data and requests that this information be harvested from the USDA website.

Location of the Data

URL: https://ndb.nal.usda.gov/ndb/search/list

Parameters: from the “Select Source” dropdown box, select “Branded Food Products”

Only the Branded Food Products is needed. The “Standard Reference” data is not needed. For each of the returned products, nutrition information is available as well as a list of ingredients from the main product link. This information is required as well.

Delivery Format

A standard CSV format is desired with special characters such as single quotes (‘) and double quotes (“) properly escaped with a backslash. The data may be separated into multiple files to manage the size.

Branded Food Products List Data Elements

– NDB No.
– UPC from Description
– Description
– Manufacturer
– Column 3, Nutrition Page
– Column 3, Nutrition Page
– Column 4, Nutrition Page
– Column 4, Nutrition Page
– Nutrition Page, Ingredients Footer
– Nutrition Page, Ingredients Footer

Branded Food Products Nutrition Data Elements

As the nutritional elements returned vary depending on the product, a row-store is desired. That is, for each product, there should be many nutrition rows – one row for each nutrition element. The nutrition element categorizations (proximates, minerals, vitamins, lipids, etc) are not required.

– NDB No.
– Nutrient
– Unit
– Column 3
– Column 4

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