Scraping Public Data from eToro

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Project Title: Scraping Public Data from eToro

Project Description:
Hi, I would like to scrape public data from eToro (info about traders and the trades they perform) The script needs to be written in C# preferred, but other languages are ok too. Ideally as a windows library I can run from .NET but a windows command line tool is ok too. App start: – The application starts a search for the top performing traders The app will then go to each person’s profile one by one And it will download the data of all the people For each person you need to download the following: Example person : [login to view URL] 1) In the STATS TAB: 1.1) in PERFORMANCE section: – all years, so for each year 1) the year itself (eg 2016) 2) value for each month (eg -0.24, 2.31,..). use value UNKNOWN for fields with missing values. 1.2) in AVERAGE risk score section: – height of each column for each year (0 to 100%) 1.3) in TRADING section: – number of TOTAL TRADES value (eg 211) – Avg. profit value (eg 4.97%) – Avg. loss value (eg -32.50%) – PROFITABLE VALUE (eg 80.06%) – list of all items under the bar, eg: INDICES 48.5%, ETFS 4.6%, STOCKS 12.43%, COMMODITIES 4% 1.4) in the ADDITIONAL STATS section: – TRADES PER WEEK value (eg 3.98) – AVG. HOLDING TIME value (here I need the numerical value + string for time unit pairs, eg: (2.5, “Weeks”) or (5, “Days”) – ACTIVE SINCE value (just copy the date string) – PROFITABLE WEEKS value (eg 41.45%) 2) In the PORTOFOLIO TAB: 2.1) – for each item in the portofolio: – the ticker (eg: GOOG, CSCO, AAPL, etc) – the name (eg: Google, Cisco, Apple, etc) – the BUY/Sell string – Invested number – P/L(%) number – Value number 2.2) – then click on this item to see all buy/sells of the given item, For each buy/sell I need: – the amount – the leverage – open – current – SL – TP 2.3) On the portfolio screen, if one clicks on the dropdrown menu that’s called PORTFOLIO, you can see the trader’s HISTORY. On the top right, change 30D to 1Y, then, for each element on this list I need: – the action (eg: BUY SHOP, SELL AAPL) – open – open time – close – close time – P/L(%) 3) Output data format: please save everything in json format. Also: Provide URL to each person also eg: { “people”: [ { “url”:”[login to view URL]”, “performance_year”: []… etc and all other stuff for this person }, …. ] }

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

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