Scraping Prospect Data from Groupon

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Project Title: Scraping Prospect Data from Groupon

Project Description:
Hi..I am interested in getting prospects data from Groupon.

The data-points to gather are Name, email, and phone if possible.

I own an agency that focuses on MedSpa owners. Thus, would like to get the data for related prospects.

Further, let me know what will be the cost for this. As well as, let me know if you have any further queries.

Thanks Reggie

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 4 years ago Samuel Duan

    I need deal data by city scraped and verified from Groupon as follows:Company, website, telephone number, deal details, number sold, rating.

  • 4 years ago Gretchen Riggs

    Crawl all Retails Deals from Livingsocial.com once every week.Can you scrape it and at what price? https://www.livingsocial.com/browse/chicago?category=retail&locale=en_US

  • 4 years ago Mario Juric

    Scrape all the upcoming deals from https://www.amazon.in/gp/goldbox/all-deals/?ie=UTF8&ref_=sv_gb_1

  • 4 years ago Wesley Loo

    Target website : https://www.offers.com/Scrape coupons and deals for the list of stores and brands I provide.

  • 4 years ago Melanie Lee

    Can you scrape coupon deals from https://www.coupons.com/? Please connect with me on Skype for further discussion.

  • 4 years ago Ross Cutler

    Scrape deals for category electronics from below websites :
    1. freeshipping.org
    2. zulily.comLet me know the cost and data fields you can extract?

  • 4 years ago Kerry Halupka

    Can you help me to get a list of deals daily posted on the website https://www.groupon.fr/? Please provide a sample for a review.

  • 4 years ago Stephanie Chen

    I need your assistant in scraping deals from Slickdeals.net? can you help me?

  • 4 years ago Rachel Kalmar

    Extract new deals added from the website Gottadeal.com. Get back to us with your pricing structure.

  • 4 years ago Aditya Rathore


    Can you extract daily deals information from livingsocial.com.?

  • 4 years ago Tristan Tzara

    Scrape daily deals offers from https://www.offers.com/ Please let me know.

  • 4 years ago Morihei Ueshiba

    https://www.8coupons.com/ Extract coupon codes daily from website, Let me know your cost.


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