Scraping Property Information from County Property Appraiser

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Project Title: Scraping Property Information from County Property Appraiser

Project Description:
We are looking to scrape property information from below mentioned website list:

– https://gis.hcpafl.org/propertysearch/#/nav/Basic%20Search
– http://www.bcpa.net/RecName.asp
– https://www.manateepao.com/search/
– https://www.lakecopropappr.com/property-search.aspx
– https://qpublic.schneidercorp.com/Application.aspx?AppID=851&LayerID=15884&PageTypeID=2&PageID=7081
– https://www.leonpa.org/pt/search/commonsearch.aspx?mode=address
– https://qpublic.schneidercorp.com/application.aspx?app=BayCountyFL&PageType=Search
– https://www.bcpao.us/PropertySearch/#/nav/Search
– https://www.srcpa.org/Search
– https://portal.assessor.lacounty.gov/
– https://www.assessor.tulsacounty.org/assessor-property-search.php

From each of the mentioned websites, we require to get all necessary information such as:
– Property ID#, Property Title, Address, Zip, Property Owner Name, Property Type, Description and all other details available.

Kindly analyze all the website and provide the best quote for it.

If you get all these sites scraped successfully, we will be having lot of more work for you.

Looking forward to receive your response!!

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.


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