Scraping Online Pricing from Hotel Booking Site

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Project Title: Scraping Online Pricing from Hotel Booking Site

Project Description:
Requirement: against a list of up to 1000 hotels we need information to assist in price strategy.

Therefore, for each hotel and room type we provide, we need current online pricing for that hotel and it should be verified from various sources like as shown on 1. their hotel website 2. booking.com 3. Jumia and 4.Expedia.

Flexibility: to easily scrape against 1 or more records as the situation demands.

Against a current or future date.

Output: Excel sheet of 1. name 2. room type 3. scrape date 4. data source 5. rate in USD, country, region

Note: rate structure can vary from hotel to hotel eg: incl breakfast, half board, full board. Scrape must be done on a like for like basis.

We will then merge your file and compare against own prices to show actual and % difference in rate.

If you’d prefer to get the source list incl the existing rates ie: the data we will compare the scraped data against, please advise.

This exercise could be repeated a number of times a month.

I need to know that
a) the job can be done
b) from go date how long anticipated to completion
c) how you’d see the pricing for the job considering the number of records to be scraped may vary from job to job.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

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    I am looking for Hotels Email Lists. Will you e able to provide me verified emails of hotels listed on hotwire.com?

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    Scrape hotels price from priceline.com on daily basis. What is the price for scraping data on daily basis starting with some 1000 hotels at the moment?

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    What is the rate per website? Please advise.

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    Have you ever scrapped Trivago in past? Please let me know the general cost for it.

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    How much is the cost for the extraction and monitoring of hotel prices everyday from the website https://www.expedia.co.uk?

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    I would like to scrape Hotel data daily from https://www.orbitz.com/.


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