Scraping of Weedmaps.com – All Dispensaries

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Project Title: Scraping of Weedmaps.com – All Dispensaries

Project Description:
I need a scrape of weedmaps.com to provide a list of all dispensaries + online delivery services for LA COUNTY.

Please note that Weedmaps doesn’t return a search by county – or by Zip Code or State for that matter – so hoping you have a way of extracting the geographical data I need.

The fields I need are:
Dispensary Name, Dispensary Address, Website URL, Menu Items, Price, Media Details, About, Dispensary Amenities, Announcement, State License No., Reviews, Reviewer Details, Star Ratings, Dispensary Website URL, Dispensary Phone, Dispensary Email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 3 years ago Kelly Anne

    Can you guys scrape data and get it verified from Weedmaps.com and Leafly.com? Please let us know the cost to do this project.

  • 3 years ago Bavia Bisetty

    I’m looking to data scrape weedmaps.com and collect store contact information, I also would like to collect Product info and Pricing.

  • 3 years ago Makenzie Windfelder

    We want to extract Marijuana Dispensaries Websites and pull their emails from Leafly.com. What would be the cost?

  • 3 years ago Nicholas Raul

    We are a startup working in the Cannabis industry. We would like to scrape data from weedmaps.com.

    Data to be presented in Excel table format.

  • 3 years ago Paul Bond


    I need someone to go to leafly.com and allbud.com, pull up their strain lists by letter and pull all their data from HTML.

    Send me quotation.

  • 3 years ago Ryan Erich

    We are interested in scraping a website call weedmaps.com monthly. The targeted geo-location is Colorado, and we would like to scrape other more specific regions or areas within the state.

  • 3 years ago David Barry

    We are looking to scrape every medical and recreational dispensary in the USA on Weedmaps.com. Data should be an exportable file in excel format csv or xlsx.

  • 3 years ago Lindsay Meredi

    I need to get the data of dispensaries from the website Leafly.com. Do you have experience?

  • 3 years ago Tonya Powell

    I need a spreadsheet made of every online marijuana dispensaries in Canada.

    You need to scrape data from this website: https://weedmaps.com/dispensaries/in/canada.

  • 3 years ago James C Martin

    Can you extract dispensary listing from Leafly.com? If yes, please call me on provided number.


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