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We have a confidential data search project that involves generating a candidate list using a selected list of US State licensing boards and then narrowing that collection by various experience parameters using their employer and LinkedIn profiles followed by weighing motivational factors through social media sites including FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter.

The goal is to narrow the population of contacts down to a list with collected data that can be personally contacted by a just one person or a small team.

Does your company have licenses to access those social media sites, may be through GNIP or Data Shift?

Scrape business database
– Company Name, Company Description, Type, Company Size, Website URL, Industry, Founded, Headquarters

Extract profile information
– Name, Designation, Company Name, Location, Industry, Current, Past, Education, Websites, Skill Sets, Public Profile URL, Experience

Please ONLY contact me directly by email or at my telephone extension.

If you have similar professional networking profile information scraping requirement then feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 7 years ago Oguz

    We have about a thousand of Linkedin public profile links and we want to get some of basic information out of it such as name, title, country, sector, current and previous companies.

    We have been doing it for a while and managed to do about 2000 of them, but struck against the anti scrapping efforts of Linkedin.

    Is this something you can help us?

  • 7 years ago Ross

    I have roughly 4000 names in my contact database, many of which are out of date. I’d like to identify which are old. Ideally, I’d like them updated, although that’s not as important. I’d like the clean contacts merged with my 4500 LinkedIn connections, so I remove duplicates. Is this what you do? How much would it cost? Thanks.

  • 7 years ago Blijdorp

    We are working for a software scale up company and we are looking for help for extracting data from linkedin to our database. What we are looking for is specific profile information of employees of companies that might be interesting for us.

    Please contact me to discuss how to set up this project.

  • 7 years ago Francis Portogallo

    Actually, we are interested in all the details attached to a PUBLIC profile (part of it eventually) stored on a social network. We mainly focus LinkedIn, however if a profile results from the combination of extractions from heterogenous sources, it may works provided that the reconciliation is consistent.

  • 6 years ago Lisa Wilson

    I’m wondering for Canada consumer data from canada411.ca – do you scrape that site?

  • 6 years ago Lisa Wilson

    I’m wondering for New Zealand consumer data – will you scrape it?

  • 6 years ago LORETTA ELLIOTT

    Help us to extract Zoominfo profile information with emails of people. Kindly let us know the solution for the same.

  • 5 years ago Tucker FLETCHER

    I will send you a sample for you to look along with detailed instructions to do project of data scraping from crunchbase.com. Can you assist us in this job? Please confirm.


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