Scraping Lawyers from Hawaii State Bar

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Project Title: Scraping Lawyers from Hawaii State Bar

Project Description:
What will be the cost of scraping all available lawyers from https://hsba.org/?

The information which is required to be scraped is:
– Lawyer Name
– JD Number
– License Status
– Employer
– Address
– Phone
– Fax
– Email
– Law School
– Graduated
– Admitted HI Bar

The website is quite secured and you will require the frequent changes of number of IPs to scrape the data.

We hope you will be using proxies and are capable of scraping data in-spite of any complexities.

Awaiting your further response in this regard.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 4 years ago Nikhil Shah

    Hi, Will, you be able to scrape lawyers with an email from https://www.nolo.com/?

    We have attached a detail Job description, please review it.

    Thank you!

  • 4 years ago Matt Roche

    Extract Landlord & Tenant attorneys for the attached list of cities.

    Website: https://www.avvo.com/

  • 4 years ago Jeff Heineken

    Have you ever scraped Lawyers data from https://www.ailalawyer.com/? If yes, then please provide quotation for the same.

    Replay ASAP.

  • 4 years ago Pam Aungst

    The website needs to be scrape is: https://www.ohiobar.org/,

    We will provide you a list of Practice Area and zip codes.

    Please share your Skype ID.

  • 4 years ago Peter Kennedy

    Are you guys able to scrape attorneys from Utah state bar website https://services.utahbar.org/Member-Directory/?

  • 4 years ago Kyle Morley

    Scrape following details for all available lawyers :
    – Lawyer Name
    – Membership Type
    – Email
    – Firm
    – Website

    Source: https://www.nmbar.org/.

  • 4 years ago Thomas Sowell

    Are you guys able to scrape lawyers database from https://www.findlaw.com/ please replay ASAP.

  • 4 years ago Max Sparber

    What is the price for your services for scraping data from https://www.superlawyers.com/?

  • 4 years ago Nikola Tesla

    Can you scrape data for lawyers specific practices https://www.bestlawyers.com/ Let me know the cost and time required.

  • 4 years ago Rock Theron

    Are able to extract Lawyers list from lawyers.com? more details will be shared later on.

  • 2 years ago James Charles

    I need to gather Lawyer records from website Avvo.com. Have you scraped records from Avvo.com in past?

  • 2 years ago Jenni Suzanna

    Make a tool to extract Lawyers listing from https://www.justia.com/lawyers, What would be cost for making a tool?

  • 2 years ago Joseph Scott

    Do you have experience in scraping Lawyers data from bestlawyers.com? We need to collect data in an excel file.

  • 2 years ago David C.

    Let me know if you guys can scrape data from superlawyers.com? What would be the cost?

  • 2 years ago Aaron Bell

    Let me know if you are able to scrape lawyers with an email from nolo.com?

  • 2 years ago James Edward

    Build a web crawler to scrape Lawyers details from a particular website


  • 2 years ago Madeleine Wesley

    Extract Attorney data from the following website: superlawyers.com.

    Scrape detail of lawyers for following practice area only:
    Administrative Law
    Family Law
    Sex Offenses
    Construction Accident

  • 2 years ago Joseph A.

    I want to get database of USA Lawyers from this website avvo.com, Let me know how many records you can scrape?

    What data you guys can scrape? Looking forward to your reply.

  • 2 years ago Daniel Richard

    Please extract lawyers listings from martindale.com with reviews. How many reviews can you scrape overall? Please confirm.


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