Scraping B2B Data from Kompass.com

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Project Title: Scraping Kompass.com verified Database

Project Description:
What would the price be to scrape and verify all of kompass.com business listings?

I’m interested in mining and verifying the entire kompass.com site. However, I want to make sure we are getting all the listings. For example, in the particular state, there are about 99,000 listings.

Some of the listings are from YP.com and have limited information. I’d still like them. Do you have a way to capture these? Have you mined YP.com? Also, as I sent in my sample, the categories on each record are important.

Can you list me the global pages you have currently received work from and are having existing data with? A quick list of a number of records and the cost for the database. Again, we are targeting primarily on the business email addresses, but the whole DB would be good too.

It is unlikely anything happening quickly, but I would like to keep it as a reference as the project we are carrying out does have a potential to get executed globally.

For each record I need
– company name
– address
– phone
– additional phone
– toll free
– fax
– website
– email
– all categories

It would be great if you could also get latitude/longitude and origin (date started).

Can you please give me a rough idea how much it would roughly cost and we will evaluate. We don’t have a great budget here at this stage.

For smililar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com

  • 6 years ago Joshua Thomas

    Let me know your convenient time to discuss on project to scrape B2B listings from http://www.yellowpages.com.


  • 6 years ago BRITTANY RILEY

    I have a need to collect business records across different countries. Initially starting with USA. Will you be able to retrieve BBB.org data for every business?

  • 6 years ago ANITA WALLACE

    Specifically, I need the name and email address of the companies listed in http://www.yfs.co.uk. Can you help me out?

  • 5 years ago Colton ROMERO

    We are marketing firm and need business listings from societe.com. Will you be able to complete the task in given timeline?

    What will be your rate for this service?


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