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Instagram Data Scraping Service

In order to better understand how your audience responds to the content you share, you might consider scraping Instagram comments from your competitors, clients, or any other Instagram account you may be interested in.

It is not feasible to scrape the raw data of these comments from Instagram, despite how useful these comments are for influencers, marketers & researchers.

While there are many browser extensions that promise to scrape Instagram data for you, these virtually all violate the Instagram Terms of Service, which prohibit automated access to Instagram or scraping its data in any way through the website. Using these unofficial tools will leave behind footprints that Instagram can detect and then ban and block your account. We can help you with scraping Instagram comments from various post urls. Send us list of all Instagram posts URLs to scrape all comments. Output would be data such as post id, position, timestamp, owner id, username, comments, profile picture and URL in a structured format.

Instagram Comment Scraper
On Instagram, you can access your own comments and posts through the official Instagram API. The Instagram API doesn’t allow views on other posts; it also limits you to posts with a specific hashtag, the list of those posts, or getting a view of the most recent posts made by that user. With Instagram’s API, you cannot see the list of posts made by other users, their comments and photos, or a list of posts tagged with a particular hashtag.

With our Instagram Comment Scraper, you can scrape comments from one or more Instagram post URLs. Unlike Instagram Comment Scraper we also provide best Facebook Data Scraper as per our client’s requirement.

To collect this kind of data you’ll need to use our Instagram Comment Scraper. Our Instagram Comment Scraper will let you download all public data from Instagram:

Instagram Profiles
Commenter Username
Commenter Avatar URL
Commenter ID
Comment Posted Date (“2021-08-06 16:26:22”)
Comment Posted Date Humanized (“3 Minutes Ago”)
Comment Content
Number of Likes

Just Want To Scrape Instagram Comments?
Our service of Scraping Instagram will allow you to scrape specific Instagram data quickly and easily. We also provide Instagram Comment Scraper which have fewer settings to change and will yield clean results quickly.

We also provide other specific Instagram scraping service like:

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Scraping Instagram Comments

Need to Scrape More Comments?
Instagram only allows you to access a limited number of comments at a time, limiting the number of comments you are able to submit when looking for information. Without Log In, you can only access first 24 comments, its limit to scrape number of comments.  If you set the max limit higher, possible more comments will be scraped but it is unreliable and expensive because it consumes a lot of resources on waiting.

You can scrape more comments by using multiple runs, or if you need more comments per run, use our full-featured Instagram Comment Scraping Services or our customized Instagram Comment Scraper.

What are The Benefits of Scraping Instagram Comments?
Scraping Instagram comments from Instagram posts allows businesses to have quick insights on how their audience is responding to their marketing campaigns and spotting misinformation or abuse. It gives you the ability to monitor the engagement of competing content, or how your own content is being received. Extracting comments from Instagram posts can help you learn about your audience, spot misinformation and abuse, track engagement with competing content, or gauge how your content is received.

For ways the scraping process can be used in a variety of industries, check out our industry specific pages for insights. We provide other social media data scraping services like Facebook Marketplace Scraping to extract product details from Facebook Shops and import data into your online store.

Other Social Media Data Scraping Services We Provide:
Our Social Media Data Scraping Services is an automated method for collecting information from social media websites or online social portals such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Companies can use the stolen datasets to gather valuable knowledge about marketing and consumer behavior through the use of our social media scraping services. We can extract publicly available data from social media platforms and other websites. Webscrapingexpert has expertise in crawling and scraping social media data in real-time. The data can come from a variety of sources, including Twitter, Linkedin groups, Facebook Posts, Instagram Posts. Popular uses of this data include brand monitoring, trend watching, sentiment / competitor analysis and customer service.

Our low latency component extracts data from specific keywords, geographies, and categories with ease. We can also extract tweets and profiles of a specific user, for specific keywords or geographies.

Structured data is delivered via a single REST-based API and every time the content updated, the feed gets updated automatically. We provide the output data in other preferred formats like CSV, XML, XLS etc.

We have deep expertise in social media data scraping with experience in scraping Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter and GitHub. Our Instagram Comments Scraping Service/ Instagram Comment Scraper assure high-quality data. For more information about our services, please send an email to info@webscrapingexpert.com.

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