Scraping Historical Data from LivingSocial and GroupOn

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Project Title: Scraping Historical Data verified from LivingSocial and GroupOn

Project Description:
I’m interested in historical data verified from LivingSocial and/or GroupOn, specifically, dates, locations and descriptions of deals from these sites prior to early 2013.

I don’t know if you might have this data, but if you do, please let me know.

What I need specifically is the following:
– Date the deal was posted
– Date the deal ended
– City market
– Location of the physical store front – address and/or lat/long

If possible, having these would also be helpful:
– Purchase Price
– Value/percent discount
– Number sold

I’d like to get this data and verify for both LivingSocial and Groupon, ideally, and in as many markets as possible in the US. From what I know in my own LivingSocial data, they were in about 145 markets in the US in early 2011, so similar coverage would be ideal. The time period I’m interested in would be 2009-2010 through January 2013.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 5 years ago Jose Lopez

    Can you extract coupons data from Retailmenot.com? How much will it cost?

    Please let me know.

  • 5 years ago Anthony F.

    I want to collect deals listed on website: Groupon for all categories once every week. Will you be able to provide this type of weekly service?

  • 4 years ago Cheryl GARDNER

    Please provide me daily deals data scraped from Offers.com. Is that possible? Just see what you can do?

  • 4 years ago RAY GOMEZ

    We are willing to use your data scraping services for deals extraction from slickdeals.net. Can you please provide us cost for this project?

  • 4 years ago Frank Evans

    Can you help us to collect coupons or deals information of coupon.com?

    Please provide sample data if you have any or do provide it before moving ahead with live project extraction.

  • 4 years ago Oliver FERNANDEZ

    Can you help us extracting coupons and deals data from livingsocial.com? Please advise cost for the same.


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