Scraping Google Map Reviews

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Project Title: Scraping Google Map Reviews

Project Description:
I am looking to construct a Python script to scrape Google review data from Google Maps. Ideally, I want to be able to input a list of cities/locations and then the kind of firm whose reviews I want to collect, and then collect all the online reviews from every firm in the Google Map results.

For example, I could input “coffee” and the city of Syracuse, NY and collect all reviews from every coffee shop in Syracuse. Then, I could get all reviews written at all coffee-locations in the area. This should also work if instead of “coffee”, I input any firm-type (McDonalds, Bookstores, Italian Restaurants, etc.). In small cities, this should be a relatively small dataframe, in large cities it should be a large dataframe.

As mentioned, the script should be able to loop through a list of cities, append the results to a single dataframe, and then remove duplicate firms. So, in this case, if I had a dataframe that had a column of three cities (Syracuse, East Syracuse, and Dewitt), I could input it and the script should get all the reviews for a certain type of firm in all three cities (See attached Excel).

As far as deliverables, I am looking for a Python script, and then a CSV/Excel with all the review data from some type of firm (coffee, McDonald’s, bookstores, etc.) in multiple cities showing it works.

I am looking to have the project completed in about two weeks.

I think this is a cool project, I am hoping you can have better luck!

Let me know if you have any questions or need clarification.

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