Scraping Dispensaries List from Website

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Project Title: Scraping Dispensaries List from Website

Project Description:
Our need is to collect a list of dispensaries. Can you do it we have some websites that we will provide you.

How long will it take to start such a program? What will be the cost of web scraping service?

We are ready to start this project immediately and would like to receive this information in the next few days.

We want all the data in excel sheet and you can tell how long it will take to collect data from all the websites?


Please tell us the cost of doing this project and tell us if you need more information?

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 3 years ago Robert Rolnick

    I am looking to data scrape weedmaps.com and collect store contact information, I also would like to collect Product info and Pricing.

  • 3 years ago Michael Hengst

    Hello Guys,

    I need someone to go to leafly.com and allbud.com, pull up their strain lists by letter and pull all their data from HTML.

    Send me quotation.

  • 3 years ago Tyler Dolph

    We are a startup working in the Cannabis industry. We would like to scrape data from weedmaps (weedmaps.com).

    Data to be presented in Excel table format.

  • 3 years ago Nicole Mennicke

    I need someone to extract Marijuana Dispensary listings data from the website: potguide.com.

    I would like a list for off all dispensaries listed on the site.

  • 3 years ago HEATHER WALDRON

    Scrape Weedmaps.com & leafly.com for Global Dispensary Contacts.

    Data Needed:
    Dispensary Name
    Phone Number

  • 3 years ago ERIK SPRAY

    I’m looking for the Email address list for the marijuana dispensaries on Leafly.com or Weedmaps.com.

    In a format that I can use for email marketing.

  • 3 years ago TANYA GARCIA

    We would like to scrape the below data from weedmaps.com.

    We are looking to have scraped:

    – The product listings from all Canadian and US dispensaries
    – Dispensary Name & Location
    – Product price
    – Product size
    – Product category
    – Overarching brand name

  • 3 years ago Gyi Tsakalakis

    I would like to get the following information for each dispensary on https://www.allbud.com/ in California :

    – Dispensary name
    – Website
    – Phone
    – Email
    – Hours of operation
    – Dispensary type (delivery or physical location)
    – Location (city/state)

    Store all this information in a CSV/Excel.

  • 3 years ago SHANNON

    We are looking to scrape every medical and recreational dispensary in the USA on Weedmaps.com.

    Data should be an exportable file in excel format csv or xlsx.


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