Scraping Data from Events, Company and Web

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Project Title: Scraping Data from Events, Company and Web

Project Description:
We’re an event sponsorship startup – we match events with brands. I’m looking for scraping services but also ways to improve our product through and I’m not sure if this is something you have expertise in so I’ll list all of the current things we need help with:

1. Scraping Events Data: eventbrite, evensi or any other event website. Name of event, date, location, image, about, site anything they display.
2. Scraping Event Emails: finding email addresses in bulk of the event organizers behind those events through the above sites.

1. Scraping from LinkedIn ideally based on job title: name, location, job title, company name, company site + email etc (I know there’s a few lead generation tools that easily do this)
2. Finding companies’ demographics and target markets. (Example: Coca Cola: find audience demographics age gender etc – must be automated)

1 Crawl web for sponsorship and partnership decks by city: for example when googling event sponsor Los Angeles https://laedc.org/event-sponsorship/ -> email address and deck appears.
2. Event sponsors, sponsor & partners, thank you to our sponsor pages:
https://losangeles.digitalsummit.com/2019/sponsors/ and getting a list of brands that sponsored an event : data: event name + brand 1 , brand 2 , etc

-> this should all be automated scripts that can continuously run – that would be ideal situation.

Let me know if any of this is something you could help with! It’s a lot but please do get back to me if possible (about feasibility not specifics) asap as we’re on a deadline!

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.


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