Scraping Customers Emails from Etsy Account

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Project Title: Scraping Customers Emails from Etsy Account

Project Description:
I need to extract my customers emails using web scraping from my Etsy account as it will be shut down by Etsy on December 17th.

I have 30,000 orders with emails listed can you help?

The jobs needs to be done within a limited period of time with complete accuracy.

Also, please tell me what would be the cost for this service.

Looking to get the response at earliest!!

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 4 years ago Gerritt Cora

    Extract all Canadian Realtors data with their email from http://www.realtor.com. can you do?

  • 4 years ago Craig Leshinger

    Are you guys able to scrape lawyers with email from http://www.nolo.com? please provide a price structure for the task.

  • 4 years ago Stefan Rybak

    What would be a charge of scraping alumni email with their details from https://www.stanford.edu/?

  • 4 years ago Craig Leshinger

    I need the complete email list of undergraduates at Northwestern University https://www.northwestern.edu/, can you scrape?

  • 4 years ago Arthur Overbury

    Scrape business owners email from Linkedin We would require the output as an excel sheet. What will be the cost?


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