Scraping Contact Details from Facebook Pages

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Project Title: Scraping Contact Details from Facebook Pages

Project Description:
We will provide you some Facebook profile IDs. They will contain username and password.

We want to scrap the information given below from the Facebook pages on a weekly basis.

You will need to provide comments for existing posts and then new comments will be added to those posts every week.

In addition, you must receive comments from posts that are newly posted.

Can you please suggest a quote for this scraping service? Do you have any other questions?

For any similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 3 years ago Lou Krieger

    We need complete extraction of profiles from Facebook. We need a scraper that can get us all the details. Is there such a scraper? If you have, contact us on Skype, we will inform you on Skype.

  • 3 years ago Robbie Krieger

    I have some Facebook IDs which I will provide you the list, can you scrape the images, descriptions and comments posted daily from them? If you have worked on such services, then let us know.

  • 3 years ago Saul Kripke

    I want to make a scraper for Facebook which can scrape the details from Facebook’s personal account daily and give us the output in excel sheet. Is there any developer who can create this?

  • 3 years ago Jiddu Krishnamurti

    I want to scrape daily events by Facebook, is there any person who is public about online events and has worked on it before living?

  • 3 years ago John Kruk

    Are you able to scrape publicly available profiles on Facebook? Please share your Skype ID with us to talk about it.

  • 3 years ago Barbara Kruger

    Do your services work on social media sites? If we do, can we get the cost from his site? We need examples for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  • 3 years ago Allen Rodriguez

    We will be providing you with a list of Facebook Groups from which we would like to scrape Emails.

    Let me know if you can do this work?

  • 3 years ago Virginia Ochi

    I want to set up an automated script or tool to scrape data from specific FB groups. Can you please make a tool for us?

  • 3 years ago Jason Campbell

    Please share with me some samples for collecting data from You Tube. Then, I will discuss with you about my requirement in-detail.

  • 3 years ago Joseph Mas

    Looking for someone to scrape all followers to a specific Facebook page.

    Ideally you could also append emails to each Facebook profile in the exported csv.

  • 3 years ago MATTHEW LEE

    I need a data extractor to get email ids from 30k accounts from Facebook. Do you have experience with this? If yes, please take a response to this email.

  • 3 years ago Eric Tucker

    I am looking to acquire large data sets for a project and want help with the IT aspects of scraping data from particular Facebook groups.

    Data sets include (name, email address; and are from particular Facebook groups)

  • 3 years ago Daniel T.

    I need a Facebook data scraper created.

    Once it is given input of a company ID, it needs to create a list of specific data and put it into an Excel file.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks!

  • 3 years ago Elliot Stern


    I am looking for a good developer to make a bot that can scrape phone numbers from facebook if you have the skills please add me on given skype.


  • 3 years ago Brian Kraff

    Can you scrape the company profile from Linkedin? And the data should include basic information like Company Name, Industry, Address, Phone number, Websites, Email, etc.

    Please revert ASAP.

  • 3 years ago Tom McGarry

    Are your services include the service of scraping videos from social video platforms like YouTube, Likee, TikTok, Telegram, etc? If yes, please share your rates for extracting 20k videos from one platform.


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