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Project Title: Scraping Company Information

Project Description:
I am requesting basic company information (one time only). Most recent data…within the last six (6) months…is preferable, but even if the data is up to two (2) years old…that would still work. Looking for very basic information:

1. List of all companies in the world (or as many as possible)
2. Companies Name
3. Companies Location (Headquarters location; I don’t need the full address, just city and state is fine; for example, San Francisco, California, United States)
4. Companies Employee Size / Number of Employees
5. Companies Industry: For example, HSBC Bank, Industry: Banking, Financial Services; Toyota; Industry: Automotive; IBM, Industry: Information Technology & Services

a. Companies revenue (Optional: if publicly available, not all companies have revenues, for example hospitals, universities, not-for-profit institutions have no revenue)
b. Companies Logo URL (optional)
c. Companies Website Address (optional)

I do not need any contact information or peoples’ contact information. All I’m asking for basic company information which is publicly available. And I am not requesting any confidential information either.

I am pretty sure other people asked you for the same type of information in the past; this is a very common ask. And I am hoping that you may already have this information. I am not requesting you to start scraping the new information for me. Rather…I’m saying that…if you want to sell the existing companies list/data that you already have, please kindly let me know.

Data Source(s): Does not really matter; here are some suggestions: LinkedIn, AngelList, Hoovers, Kompass, Google Map/Directory, Yahoo Directory, Wikipedia, or any other reliable and common sources.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 6 years ago Chad Jordon

    Interested in some data. What sort of packages can you offer? Looking for Doctors/Dentists/Chiropractors private practices in Florida. Thanks

  • 6 years ago Carrie Lee

    Please let me know if you have ready company list from Zoominfo and if not how much do you charge for fresh scraping.

  • 6 years ago Philip Robinson

    Scrape USA business listings from discoverourtown.com. Collect all categories listings coming under – Lodging, Dining, Shopping, Attractions, Real Estate, Weather & News, etc..

  • 5 years ago JEANNE MARSHALL

    Extract the manufacturing companies from manufacturerusa.com. What is the quote for data scraping?

  • 5 years ago Kyle Schmaus

    Can you scrape Loan officers list from diamondresidential.com? Please note, emails are mandatory for each record. Do you have any idea about number of loan officers?

  • 5 years ago William NEWMAN

    Retrieve list of manufacturers from website: Exportbureau.com.


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