Scraping Chiropractors, Dentist, Nurses, Physical Therapy Email List

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Project Title: Scraping Chiropractors, Dentist, Nurses, Physical Therapy Email List

Project Description:
We are exploring US Business Database and Physician Database with chiropractors, dentist, nurses, Physical therapy, Hospitals, Gyms, Yoga and wellness centers.

List of Hotels & Restaurants, Convention Center, Banquet Centers and Event space. Tourism & Local Attractions.

List is required to support our philanthropic cause in connecting medical industry with tourism.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 2 weeks ago Alexander R. Billy

    Looking for someone who can scrape doctors details from Instagram.

    Scrape and create a spreadsheet of Instagram accounts mentioning (or writing about) our keywords (to be provided) with their:
    Instagram handle,
    Email address (if shared), and
    Instagram Link

  • 2 weeks ago Francesco Bariani 

    I would like the following website to be scrapped for doctor details:

  • 2 weeks ago Paul Anderson

    Would like to get a quote for scraping all Chiropractors from Vitals.com. How long would it take and what will be the cost?

  • 2 weeks ago Mojan Hamed

    Hello there,

    Please assist us in scraping list of all Podiatrist from the website Healthgrades.com. Any idea on number of records available?

  • 2 weeks ago Michael Oettinger 


    I need a list Chiropractors in the Canada.

    I’m looking to pull all the contact data available for chiropractors from the following websites:


  • 2 weeks ago Amit A. Sharma

    We wonder if you guys have the ability to scrape data of doctors from Zocdoc.com. If yes, what are your rates? Can you deliver output as CSV format?

  • 2 weeks ago Keith Schneider

    I am thinking of scraping the information from Healthgrades.com. How much will this cost me?

  • 2 weeks ago Cale Magruder 

    I need some information to be scraped from Doctor Directory across USA states. Can you extract doctor records with the email address?Directory Site is: https://doctor.webmd.com/

  • 2 weeks ago Kira Radinsky

    Scrape the list of doctors from the above mentioned website and deliver it in a JSON format. Please note you have to extract data of all doctors in USA.

  • 2 weeks ago Jason Keller

    Please get in touch with further details for data scraping details of doctors or physicians. What is your price per record?


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