Scraping Australian Counselors & Psychotherapists

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Project Title: Scraping Australian Counselors & Psychotherapists from Website

Project Description:
We need data scraping and we have used many great providers before for scraping, and hope we can find someone again for these purposes.

The website is a register of professionals: https://www.arcapregister.com.au/find-a-therapist/.

We require a scouring of the information contained on that site for each state and territory. I think if you run the search with ‘any state’ it should (?) return full results.

We then require the data contained in each record to be scraped and associated with the recor from the acrapregsiter.

Note that there are two different sites that a record on the arcapregister site can open – with two different formats. Example:

ACAP: https://www.theaca.net.au/counsellor/Emilie-Loiseau

You will need to scrape each one in a structured way. Any photo/images note are required.

We want to scrape all the rest of the data fields, so keep in mind that no data fields should be missed.

We would like to see a sample from your side so that we know that you have understood our requirement.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

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