Scraping All Dispensary from Leafly

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Project Title: Scraping All Dispensary from Leafly.ca

Project Description:
We need to scraping all the dispensaries in the Canada. Can you do?

Scrape all the region of details from the website https://www.leafly.ca/.

Data should be an exportable file in excel format CSV.

Dispensary Name
Zip Code
Phone Number
Work Hours
Rating & Reviews

Is it possible if we can get a free sample of e-mail list or even a screen shot of your sample email list?

Kindly provide the best quote for the project. If you have any queries please let me know.

Hope we can move forward with this quickly! Thanks!

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 4 years ago Lech Walesa

    I need to scraping of dispensaries from the website https://www.iheartjane.com/ please let me know the cost and time.

  • 4 years ago Andy Warhol

    We want all dispensaries from https://potguide.com/. How much do you charge ?

  • 4 years ago Martha Washington

    We are looking for someone who can get data of working Dispensaries from https://www.weedmaps.com and put it in Excel file.

  • 4 years ago Simone Weil

    Want to scrape dispensaries from https://www.weedmaps.com for Canada cities. Please advise quote.

  • 4 years ago Arthur Wellesley

    I need information of dispensaries data that are listed from https://wheresweed.com/. Are you able to scrape it?

  • 4 years ago Walt Whitman

    Looking for scrape all dispensaries from https://www.leafly.ca/ if yes, what would be the cost?

  • 3 years ago Martha Plimpton

    I need someone to extract USA dispensary listing data from the following website: https://potguide.com/ Are there any experts who can do this?

  • 3 years ago Poincaré Henri

    I have to scrub this website leafly.com and allbud.com, pull up their stress lists by letter, and pull out all their data. What will you charge?

  • 3 years ago Polański Roman

    Please provide a quote for the scrape weed map database for all California customers identifying the delivery service or store front.

  • 3 years ago Ponsonby Arthur

    Looking to get a list of all current and active dispensaries from sites like weedmaps.com and leafly.com. Tell us quickly how much you charge.

  • 3 years ago Pope Alexander

    We are looking for someone to visit cannabis brands websites and extract all product information (e.g. product name, product format, stress name, etc.) from the website and record it in a document. Is there any real-time company that can do this web scraping at a best price?


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