Scrape University Database from Website

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Project Title: Scrape University Database from Website

Project Description:
I need university database scraped from this website https://www.onlineu.org/ with as much data points as possible if it can be delivered as an SQL database format that would be best.

Data-fields must be:

– University Name
– School Accreditation
– School Type
– Undergraduate Tuition
– Recommendation Rate
– College Website
– Online College Rankings
– Online Degrees Available
– Number of Reviews

How much is your fees for data scraping? Please let us know.

Also, provide some sample data before proceeding with the project.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 6 years ago JEROME PAYNE

    Do you have experience in scraping email address of students, faculty, staff from USA university website mentioned as following:

    – University of Michigan (https://umich.edu/)

  • 5 years ago FREDERICK FREEMAN

    Please suggest cost for scraping Florida State University Website for scraping students details. Get back to us with solution for scraping it from URL:

  • 5 years ago Mason HOLT

    Help us scraping student details from University Website like New York State University (https://www.nyu.edu/). How much is the cost?

  • 5 years ago Jian Chang

    We are planning to generate an excel file with data-headers Name, Email and Phone of students from University of Georgia – http://www.uga.edu/

  • 3 years ago Ang

    Will you be able to scrape the email database of students from Central University of Florida? Please provide a quote.

  • 3 years ago John

    Have you scrapped the Stanford University alumni database in the past? If so, how old is it? What is the price?

  • 3 years ago Vladimir

    I am looking for information from https://www.psu.edu/. Will you guys help me?

  • 3 years ago Jay

    What is the cost to scraping list of faculty with their emails from https://www.ucla.edu/?

  • 3 years ago Jenny

    Can you collect the contact and email address of faculty from Cambridge University? What would be the charge?


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