Scrape Toronto Community Development Applications Data

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Project Title: Scrape Toronto Community Development Applications Data

Project Description:
The job is to extract details of Applications from the website: http://app.toronto.ca/AIC/index.do

Basically, go to the site, click on some search options, then search, go to results, open each result file and then extract certain information from the document. Then repeat this for all the other result files.

For the mentioned link above, you have to follow below mentioned steps:
1. Go to link
2. Above the map:
a. Check in the “Community planning” box
b. Check out the “Committee of adjustment” box
c. Check out the “Toronto Local Appeal Body” box
3. Go to “More Filters”, and then
a. For “City District” choose the first item “Etobicoke- York” Note: The code needs to later go through all the other city district items once it’s done with Etobicoke
b. For “New Development”, choose “last 180 days”
4. Click on “Search”
5. Below the map, click on “Show Results”
6. Below “Address”, click on each address and provide the following information in an Excel sheet (one row per address)
7. Click on the first address, and then click on the info below the “Application Number”
8. Collect the following information in the excel sheet:
a. Application number
b. Application Type
c. Date Submitted
d. Status
e. Description
9. Scroll down the page and collect the information in the “Contact Information” section into the excel sheet. It should contain the actual:
a. Name
b. Title
c. Phone number
d. Email address
10. Repeat above for each of the addresses for each city district (i.e. Etobicoke- York, North York, Scarborough, Toronto- East York)- It should be about 320 files, therefore 320 rows.

The information to be saved in an excel sheet. Thank you!!

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

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