Scrape Restaurants Database, Reviews and Rating

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Project Title: Scrape Restaurants Database, Reviews and Rating

Project Description:
A) Every month, I need a newly scraped list of 50,000 restaurants and bars within all cities of each US state provided, from various websites. The business data includes the name, address, and phone number. Could you please help me determine whether your company is the best fit by answering the questions below?

1. What is the longest you would anticipate it taking to scrape up 50,000 new records?

2. What are your service charges (including setup fees)?

3. Which websites are you able to scrape, from the list below? What are the extra costs for scraping each website?

4. Do you charge for duplicate records or do you scrape then first, for instance, delete records with duplicate phone numbers and charge only for the remaining unique records?

B) I am conducting tourism research and ant to compare average hotel price between destinations and countries, aggregated by e.g. star rating, customer score, number of rooms, etc Can you harvest hotel data from portals such as booking.com, hotel.com, Agoda, etc. If so, at what costs?

For smililar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com

  • 8 years ago K. C. Hunt

    Will it be possible to share some details on what you were trying to scrape (you can email me if you can see my email through this comment).

    Will you able to extract other restaurants websites like as http://www.tripadvisor.com, http://www.zomato.com, http://www.zagat.com, http://www.menupages.com, http://www.opentable.com, http://www.restaurant.com etc and create a master database?

  • 8 years ago admin

    Yes, we are capable to extract given list of websites. Please share list of data fields via email and i will get back to you with sample and quote.

    • 8 years ago K. C. Hunt

      Thanks a lot for details. I am going to email you all details within next 30 min.

  • 8 years ago James

    Your solutions sound like a great match for our needs. Our application consists of pictures of meals from restaurants in cities. It’s vital for us to populate the app with content from restaurants.

    Would you be able to mine pictures, prices, and dish names from restaurants in a select city?

  • 6 years ago Edward Allen

    Crawl all restaurants of USA from http://www.tripadvisor.com?

    Please let me your cost.

  • 6 years ago VIVIAN RUIZ

    I want to scrape restaurant listings for list of search criteria among USA from Zomato.com. Do you have experience?

  • 6 years ago EVA JORDAN

    Will you be able to show some sample data from opentable.com? We want to collect restaurants email database from the directory.


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