Scrape of Expedia Hotels in key market Cities

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Project Title: Scrape of Expedia Hotels in key market Cities

Project Description:
Scrape of Expedia hotels in key market cities

I was actually hoping for a data set which would be more of a review of daily rates over a set period of time with perhaps each tab being a different room type and each spreadsheet the different city market (NYC, MIA, MCO, …).

1. The frequency of the extraction will depend on what is affordable. – my reason for asking for the different versions.
2. Yes, the prices should be as of the time of the scraping and not a range or average; just the actuals at that moment in time.

     a. Also, thought of something else which may narrow the data some ….
           i. Just need the lowest rate room at the hotel as opposed to all room types.
     b. Daily basis would not mean, for example, rates for arrival/check-in today but all dates for today and 60-days forward … so, like this…

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  • 6 years ago Michael Miller

    Scrape Hotels and Restaurants Price from Priceline.com. Can you show some samples?

  • 6 years ago VANESSA ELLIS

    Collect Hotel Price from Hipmunk.com. I have list of some 2K-3K hotels to scrape price at regular interval of time. We will discuss later on in-detail after your inital response.

  • 6 years ago Kayden GREGORY

    Need to pull out hotels websites and email address from kayak.com. We would like to have your data scraping cost for hotels of USA and the time estimation for the same.

  • 5 years ago John Chmura

    How much would you require to set-up a daily that extract hotel availability and prices? I will provide you the list of hotels.

  • 5 years ago Don Wilson

    Would you guys be able to help us extract list of hotels in Paris from Booking.com? Kindly let us know the price and time estimated.


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