Scrape Millions of B2B Database from Online Business Directory

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Project Title: Scrape Millions of B2B Database from Online Business Directory

Project Description:
I’m looking to capture business contact information from following source which may include business name, address, city, state, zip, phone, email and website url. We are looking for reliable service provider to extract millions of database from online business directories.

Very interested in they type of data you can provide and associated costing. I’m in need of business titles as I’ve outlined below for Business to Business related services. Are you able to develop / provide a list as such?

Are you able to set us up to be able to do targeted scraping on demand?

Data must be accurate. We will pay telemarketers to call first and we will send follow up emails secondly so if your data is wrong then we will not work with you again.

How much time will this take and how much is the price.

Let me know if this is possible.

For smililar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 7 years ago Frank Carter

    Can you really extract database in bulk from online directories? How many records can you provide on weekly basis? We are looking for bulk b2b database service provider for telemarketing. Will you manage ip blocking issues and all other things? We required database in specific format.

  • 7 years ago Ilya Zatulovskiy

    We already have someone doing this but wanted to see if there would be a backup as we will expand to other cities. Example data set attached. We need the attached data for Bars / Nightlife/ Restaurants in numerous cities in US. How do you usually charge for such data? (per 1,000)? Need to extract these categories database from various online directories. Please suggest.

  • 7 years ago Nicole

    Please send me a free sample of the scrapping work that you do.

  • 7 years ago Paul

    I saw your company service posting I am looking for a reliable offshore data research company for my big and small projects. I have sent you a skype request

  • 7 years ago Smith

    Do you have a recent scrape of superpages.com. I am mainly interested in just the retail listings, but also restaurants, banks, beauty salons, tax stores etc. for all USA and Canada.

  • 7 years ago Adam F

    Please advise what you mean by Australia Truelocal. Is this a consumer list and if so please provide the details of what fields are in the database, how the data was sourced, the age of the data etc.
    If you have some samples to look at that would be great. If this fits my needs I can place the order today.

  • 7 years ago wendy godmere

    I came across your site and was wondering if you do anything specifically to counter the recent yellowpages (and other directory) defenses against “robots” when you are scraping? Do you employ the use of proxy servers or send different useragents, etc?

  • 7 years ago David Hohl

    Hello. I interesting about database of All US companies from manta.com. Is it possible? If it is be possible, how many time you need and how much does it cost?

  • 7 years ago RK

    Please give me a quotation…Is it possible to scrap dictionary.com for all words and description on a excel sheet. It could be any dictionary site and not necessarily dictionary.com

  • 7 years ago Neil Hannaway

    I need a scraper for googlemaps reviews. Do you have anything like this.

  • 6 years ago Alexis L.

    List of 2 categories: Auto Repairs & Auto Insurance and i want to scrape email for these business categories from angieslist.com. What is the rate?

  • 6 years ago ROSA GOMEZ

    What’s your best number to reach you?
    Want to have a call discussion for web scraping project to collect data from directory: http://www.superpages.com


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