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Project Title: Scrape LinkedIn verified Company Profiles

Project Description:
I want to scrape LinkedIn verified Company profiles for all companies that perform SEO services, Link building services, mobile website services, reputation management services, internet marketing services, etc. I also want to look for companies that specialize their services for the legal industry.

I need to have LinkedIn Company information which should be verified with scraped data. I have about 50 different search queries that I would like run. I would like only Company profiles searched, and only companies in the USA searched.

I would like to get an excel spreadsheet with the results that you would get. I would like duplicates to be removed. Here is the information I need to get on the Excel spreadsheet (see the screenshot of circled fields as well.

Company Name
Company Size

I would also like a field or fields in the excel spreadsheet that states the keyword phrase used that found this company (or keywords).

Below is a sample of one of the searches I would like to get information on. Note that this query is for only Company profiles, USA companies, and the search query is ‘law firm social media’.

I would also like to scrape data and verify it with the Crunch Base website for similar companies.

1) what would the cost be to do something like this

2) I would want the data entered into an excel csv spreedsheet with duplicates removed.

3) How do you scrape the websites? If I go to these websites and run different searches in their search boxes, I do not get very good results. Can you scrape their whole list just looking for the terms I am interested in, or would you have to conduct a search in their search box like I manually do, and then do the scrape?

For smililar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 8 years ago Andre Temnorod

    Im interested in company profile data from LinkedIn. How much do you charge?

  • 8 years ago Lennard Blijdorp

    We are thinking of a number 100.000 profiles in total on the long term.
    Is it possible for you to quote us a price? and is it for you possible to scrape all profiles of a certain company that we provide you with.

  • 8 years ago Zack Kertcher

    I would like to get a sense of what data your company can obtain from Facebook and LinkedIn on a particular topic. The topic for example is “wall + insulation”. From the data, we are interested in building a social graph (social network), to see who is most active in this topic, gets the most likes, etc., in a particular time (e.g., in a month).
    We also would like to get text of posts and comments, and link them to users.
    My company can process any file format you provide us.

    It would be great if you could share a few samples and indicate what is possible/not possible. Examples from similar projects are fine.

  • 8 years ago Sean

    Price quote for following.

    1. I’ll provide the LinkedIn urls
    2. About 5000 profiles
    3. Name, current job, summary, work history, location, profile image(headshot), email address, education fields,

  • 8 years ago Michael

    Looking for some pricing and capabilities for your LinkedIn scraper.

  • 6 years ago Rose Harper

    Need to get some information on Twitter Handlers specifically tweets data. Can you provide?

    Please advise.

  • 6 years ago GERALDINE PERKINS

    I want to scrape of all USA companies profiles from BBB.org. Please let me know total business listed with price for the same.

  • 6 years ago BRADLEY Young

    Scrape companies profile with key executive names and job titles from kompass.com. What’s price for data scraping?


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