Scrape Lawyer’s Data from State Bar of Georgia

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Project Title: Scrape Lawyer’s Data from State Bar of Georgia

Project Description:
We are looking for lawyers database from State Bar of Georgia. Where, the website is: https://www.gabar.org/.

Will you people be able to scrape data from this site? If yes, please let us know.

The information we need for each lawyer is:
Lawyer’s Name,
Law Firm,
Practice Areas,
Contact Info,
State of Admission,
Date of Admission

Please suggest us with best cost along with time duration for this project.

Looking forward to your response!

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 4 years ago Adam Heitzman

    Let me know if you can extract database of all the available lawyers on https://www.nolo.com?

  • 4 years ago David McElveen

    What would be the cost of collecting contact details of “Family Lawyers” from https://www.superlawyers.com.

  • 4 years ago Kym Janney

    We want to scrape Criminal Lawyer listing from https://www.avvo.com/real-estate-lawyer.html. Data should be deliver in Excel Spreadsheet.

  • 4 years ago Alyson Maur

    Please tell me a price for data scraping following data-fields for Real Estate Lawyers from https://acrel.site-ym.com/search?

  • 4 years ago Chad Newman

    I need to collect Family Lawyers data from https://family.findlaw.com/, can you do this?

    Please reply.

  • 4 years ago Guy Beaulieu

    We’ll provide you a list of Practice Areas, you need to scrape Attorneys data for that specific practice area from https://www.martindale.com/areas-of-law/criminal-law-lawyers?

  • 4 years ago Jeff Chang

    Are you able to scrape the following directory?


    If yes then, can you please provide a sample for review?

  • 4 years ago Keith Osborne

    Hi there,

    Looking to get a list of lawyers from https://www.ohiobar.org/LegalHelp/. please share a quotation for the task.


  • 4 years ago Sahar Pirmoradian


    I need a database or list of lawyers in the USA from this website: https://www.avvo.com/. If possible, a list of ALL lawyers in USA.

  • 4 years ago Jose Montes

    Please assist us with the extraction of all Attorneys from https://www.ailalawyer.com/ and get the output in an excel sheet.

  • 4 years ago Matthew Zak

    Hi, I am interested in your scraping service and wondered if you could provide a quote and an example of some of your work.

    Looking for lawyer profiles within USA from South Carolina State Bar Site i.e., http://www.scbar.org.

  • 4 years ago Sandy Vanderbleek

    I am looking to scrape list of lawyers for all State bar sites in USA. Provide a ballpark cost for the same. Thank you.

  • 4 years ago Leila Powell

    We need to scrape details of Lawyers from the Statebar Website http://www.lsba.org. Provide the estimated cost and number of records available.

  • 4 years ago William Leeds

    Can you share with us what you have new for attorneys?

    If you don’t have any new lawyers database scraped recently, can you scrape a new for us?

  • 4 years ago Chia-Chen Chang

    Do you guys have a ready database of Lawyers in UK? If yes, what is the cost? What number of records does it has? How old is it?

  • 4 years ago Sean Cusick

    What is the price for your services for scraping data from following website? https://www.superlawyers.com/

  • 4 years ago Danielle Duran

    Scrape entire Lawyers directory avvo.com to get the details of all the lawyers in a CSV file. If you have a ready database scraped for this please let me know the cost of fresh as well ready database.

  • 4 years ago Tali Bar

    We are in a need to get a ready lawyers database.

    Can you tell me how much your lawyer database cost?

  • 4 years ago Sandeep Vanga 

    How much is the cost to scrape lawyers data from avvo.com? We’d like to get data of divorce lawyers only.

  • 4 years ago Nancy Reagan

    What is the price for your services for scraping data from website? https://www.superlawyers.com/

  • 4 years ago Ronald Reagan

    Can you please let me know the cost for scrape lawyers database from https://www.martindale.com/?


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