Scrape Lawyer Database from Law Website

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Project Title: Scrape Lawyer Database from Law Website

Project Description:
The task: Capture certain data from the database on this website:

We are interested in capturing lawyer data in the following “Areas of Practice:”
Family Law
Family Law – Unbundled services
Employment Law (Harassment)
Labour Law
Pensions and Benefits Law
Workers Compensation
Wills, Estates and Trusts
US Immigration Law
Real Property
Corporate and Commercial Law
US Business Law
Administrative Law

We would like all the lawyers in each of these “Areas of Practice” entered on the same spreadsheet. We would like them captured in the order listed above.

The data we want to collect are listed in the heading of the attached spreadsheet. (Note that while we want to know if a lawyer practices Commercial Litigation, we do not want to search for lawyers in that “Area of Practice”).

Go to the directory page and search by “Areas of Practice” and then capture all the relevant information for each lawyer. Do not search by other fields.

Note that there is a lot of overlap with lawyers in multiple practice areas. For example, it is likely that all the lawyers listed in “Family Law – Unbundled services” are included in “Family Law.”

Likewise, there is likely an overlap in lawyers that practice in “Employment Law” and “Labour Law”. So, to avoid duplicate entries, please enter each lawyer alphabetically by last name.

This method means that you will notice if you are about to re-enter a lawyer that is already on the spreadsheet, reducing work and improving the final product.

Note that many of the entries have a link to another part of the same database with information on the lawyer’s firm. See highlight for example.

In that case, there is additional information to capture in the spreadsheet (firm URL on the CBABC directory and number of lawyers listed).

Please review spreadsheet examples. Do not use website or database scraping software to capture the desired information. This project must be a manual process.

Please contact if you have questions.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.


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