Scrape German Grantmaking Foundation List

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Project Title: Scrape German Grantmaking Foundation List

Project Description:
I need someone to turn the database from website: https://stiftungen.stiftungschweiz.ch/search?active=grantmakers into a human-readable Google sheet.

There are just under 11,000 entries, and there are between 7 and 14 pieces of information per record, depending on the record.

Various information for each record are:
– Foundation Name
– Contact Number
– Email
– Website
– Address
– Contact Person Name
– Contact Person Profile
– Contact Person Email
– Purpose
– Funding Policy
– Projects
– Theme
– Target Group
– People

Would like to get the list of all people that are available on the website.

The website displays the data in German, and will need the information in the same language.

Can you please also advise us the cost regarding this service? Do let me know.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 4 years ago Ann Christenson


    Are you guys able to scrape the Grantmaking Foundation database from https://fconline.foundationcenter.org? Please revert back on given contact information.


  • 3 years ago Shigesato Itoi

    Are you guys able to extract big database for real estate? Let me know if you can send a sample for the same?

  • 3 years ago Eddie Izzard

    We need an expert to create a database of doctors from https://www.doctor.com/ What would be the cost for that?


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