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Project Title: Scrape Events Data Daily

Project Description:

I have a project which should run continuously once set up correctly and data grabbed (behind a login)

It’s regarding a website https://sport-tv-guide.live/.

I would like to scrap the next day (tomorrow’s events) into a daily excel sheet so I can prepare it to be posted on a certain platform of mine.

It should be a project like these steps below :

– Go to the login page directly
– Insert login details for a user (username and password)
– Click login
– Go to the homepage (click the website logo)
– Click tomorrow’s date
– Highlight a container (sports events)
– Scroll to the bottom (20 times should be ok since there is AJAX on use here)
– Then select the items that need to be extracted
– After that, it needs to go into a loop click on each (Participants item)
– It will open a (NON-AJAX) further details page which have other data that need to be harvested

Let me know if that makes sense and if it can be done please and the monthly budget for such a project.

For any similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 4 years ago Alex Rudik

    How much would you charge for scraping events data from https://www.eventbrite.com?

    Send a quotation for the same.

  • 4 years ago Sam Zastrow

    Can you scrape data of events in Atlanta from https://eventup.com?

    Please send a sample for of 10 records.

  • 4 years ago Emily Roznowski

    Please scrape all events listed on this Website
    https://ticketbud.com/events/search on a daily basis.

  • 4 years ago Andrea Foster

    We want to scrape all the events data in USA. Which is a reliable source to extract data?

    Reply me ASAP.

  • 4 years ago Christine Williams

    What would be the charges to scrape events information from https://www.evensi.com/? can you please share a sample of few listing to review?

  • 4 years ago Herbert Spencer

    Scrape retailer website daily for pricing information from https://www.homedepot.com/ What would be the charge?


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