Scrape Emails from YouTube Channels

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Project Title: Scrape Emails from YouTube Channels

Project Description:
I need to scrape 2k YouTube channels (a file with links will be provided).

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Also, need to extract other information on channel like, Contain, Subscribers and Categories, Can you do this?

Data fields:
Video Link
Video Title
Post Date
No of Likes
No of Dislike

Describe your recent experience with similar projects.

Specify how long it will take and your price per email.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 3 years ago Chase Caleb

    Looking for a person to create a bot we could use to scrape YouTube for channels’ metadata and possibly email addresses.

  • 3 years ago Dallas Daniel

    Can you create a tool to scrape videos from YouTube as and when we require it? What will be the charge?

  • 3 years ago Chris Heywood

    We’re looking for a data scraper expert to help us grab data from YouTube to build a list of YouTube creators.

  • 3 years ago Jeremy Gibons


    I’m looking for someone to scrape me a full list of the french YouTube influencers with email, name, followers count.

  • 3 years ago Joshua T

    Can you help us to find content producers and content production houses, that make videos for children?

    Need to extract data from:
    1. YouTube (Channels)
    2. Google (Website)

    You’ll need to pull the content into a Google sheet or an excel file.

  • 3 years ago William H

    I’m looking for scraper who can build a tool for YouTube. Let me know if you can build such a tool?

  • 3 years ago Jeffrey Greer

    Will you be able to scrape YouTube videos? If yes, what are your rates?

  • 3 years ago Carlin Laine

    Can you scrape/ download niche-specific YouTube channels videos on weekly basis and provide me with the channel and video URL?

  • 3 years ago Farah F

    Can you scrape videos, images and posts from Facebook from given accounts? If so, do let me know your rates.

  • 3 years ago Rachel Stafford

    Create a tool that monitors twitter account for new tweets every minute. How many days will take you to develop such a tool?


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