Scrape Data of Hotels / Airlines on Daily Basis

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Project Title: Scrape Data of Hotels / Airlines on Daily Basis

Project Description:
We are in the Market Research industry and trying to expand our business horizon to cover the data provision services to our clients so that it can be used in their research projects.

It is interesting to learn that you are providing only the data scraping services which we can consider to use.

Here is what I want –

1. Can you provide us the data of hotels / airlines in targeted countries on daily basis ? We will tell you the websites from where the data is to be scraped and you will be free to add more sources in this list.

2. We will provide you the format in which we require the data.

3. What methodology would you adopt for this to ensure high quality.

Let me know your thoughts over this so that we can prepare our business proposal for our client based on your input.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 2 years ago Roger Williams

    I’m looking for someone to scrape a couple websites and pull specific information in Excel OR csv.

    Websites list is: http://www.tripadvisor.com, http://www.booking.com, http://www.expedia.com and http://www.trivago.com

  • 2 years ago Margaret Baker

    Will you be able to automate the process to extract flight rates from Kayak.com? Please advise.

  • 2 years ago Dorothy Gonzalez0

    Scrape hotel price from orbitz.com. Let me know the cost for data scraping.

  • 2 years ago Andrew John

    Hello, I would like to scrape the flights price on daily basis from booking.com. What is your price per month?

  • 1 year ago Patrick Ferraris

    Do you have an experience in extracting flights prices from cheapair? I need to scrape data from it on a daily basis.


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