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Project Title: Scrape Data from Facebook Groups

Project Description:
I’ve got two Facebook groups( 1 closed and 1 public) that I want to scrape the following information:

– scrape all posts to an individual CSV (one CSV for each post), and name the CSV file with the timestamp of the latest comment.

*scrape all media attachments(photos docs etc) to a folder.

*scrape a list of all the members of a CSV which includes their name, Facebook URL and the date they joined the group.

Preferably I want to be able to run this script on my pc with a task scheduler and all the data is saved to a folder on my PC.

Looking forward to your solution!!

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  • 6 years ago Janice CARPENTER

    Please let me know the rate for the project where you are supposed to gather contact details of all group members for one of Facebook Group. Can you do so?

  • 5 years ago John PENA

    Can you pull out information from LinkedIn Groups? Please let me know so that i can share in-detail requirement for the LinkedIn Group Data Extraction.

  • 5 years ago Ben Post

    I’m looking for someone that is experienced in scraping data. I require your services to scrape data from various social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

    It’s simple work, but it’s crucial that the detail is correct as I can’t have any errors.

  • 5 years ago Jim Morris

    We require your assistance in scraping upcoming events from various Meetup group. Please help us.

  • 4 years ago Peter Lang

    We are looking for a skilled web-data expert to help us set up an automated script or tool to scrape data from specific FB groups.

  • 4 years ago Bojana Jevic

    We are currently working on a B2B database.

    For this database we would like to collect/scrape data.

    can you help?

  • 4 years ago Sundas Bellusa

    Would you please help us in scraping posts daily from Facebook pages?

  • 4 years ago Mitchell Cornell

    I am someone who needs to monitor social media profiles for a specific list. How does your pricing structure works?

  • 4 years ago MD Rahman

    Can you please advise the cost for scraping events from Facebook pages on weekly basis?


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