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Project Title: Scrape Data from Any Company Website

Project Description: Looking for a talented individual to create a scraper to extract and structure data from websites.

Taking a company name as input, the program should get the homepage URL of the company for use the URL we already found.

After locating the homepage, the program should scrape and structure all webpages information (including related companies, persons and addresses) automatically within company\’s website.

This could be run as a stand-alone software or a web-based software.

More detailed requirements will be provided once we receive your proposal and we are interested in your bid (offer).

Please reply with your previous related experience – we need to see your previous work on web or see some case studies or any other related information that proves your expertise in this field.

The client has the complete and exclusive ownership, intellectual property right and copy right except for legally using open source libraries or programming the code. But the contractor should provide original links and the code.

The Script should be able to capture the following information/data from any internet webpage (company’s homepage),

1. The search scope should be worldwide region (except North Pole, South Pole and the ocean regions).

2. The data should be able to find results based on our keywords.

3. Since we have many keywords, the script should allow us to input the keywords list file.

4. The data for output should be MySql.

5. The Script should not be too difficult to use. It would be better if it has a clear UI.

6. The following information is required for a company website,

  • Legal person
  • Registered asset
  • Registered location
  • Corporation type (LTD, LLP, LLC.)
  • Major product/service
  • Industry
  • Operation location (headquarter, branch offices)
  • Company structure (executives, board member)
  • Achievements/milestones
  • Reputation
  • Certifications
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Contact person
  • Website
  • Social media ID
  • Contact address
  • Post code
  • Developing strategy
  • Company Value
  • Products/Services summary
  • Partner companies (Financial consultant, accountant, lawyer, auditing company)
  • Supplier
  • Cooperating companies
  • Developing alliance partners
  • Company history
  • Company News
  • Balance sheets
  • Related issues
  • M&A history
  • Clients (customers), etc

Your job is to develop a generic crawler. If you are capable of developing a crawler that is able to scrape data from any company’s homepage (any website all around the world) and to structure it, you are welcome to apply.

For similar project feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.

  • 6 years ago ALICIA MILLS

    Can you crawl all companies profile pages? How much do you charge?

  • 6 years ago LAURIE AUSTIN

    We want to scrape these business listings on regular basis to update the information from Local.com.


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