Scrape Books Catalog from eStore

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Project Title: Scrape Books Catalog from eStore

Project Description:
I need to collect books information from a website: https://www.pearson.com/.

You will need to go through the “Higher Education” menu available on the website and then Browse catalog by subject.

From each Subject, select each topic available and get the details of each book available. (If there are more sub-categories available under the Topics for each subject, you will need to get them too).

The data-points you’ll require to scrape are:
– Book Title
– Category Tree
– Author(s)
– ISBN-13
– Edition
– Back
– Publisher Name
– Availability
– Price
– Overview

I am not sure about the number of books available. Can you please let me know the estimated number?

Also, advise us the best quote for this service.

For similar work requirements feel free to email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com.


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