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pricing intellegence

Gain a comprehensive, real-time view of the competitive landscape. Price smartly! Managing multiple products and competitors is a complex task for online businesses. Product prices change constantly & potential clients always compare price before purchasing online.

Also with consumers spending more time online using smart phones & tablets – technology has empowered ecommerce connectivity making price war even more difficult for online businesses.

Our Pricing Intelligence Software Enables you to:
– Know your competitors’ product prices any time and from any where online
– Competitors Price Comparison to easily price your product in any market-place
– Monitor competitors’ promotions and track competitors’ products
– Optimize Product Variations and find better and more profitable products
– Set automated pricing: Enabling you to sell more, maximize profits and win customers
– Automated Repricing: Raise, lower or match your pricing with competitors
– Pricing Analytics: Analytics assist in positioning product and improving pricing strategy

We will Extract your competitors pricing, Transform it into your needed file format & also Load it on your Online portal. And all these will be done robotically.

Get in touch to learn more about our Pricing Intelligence Software. You can email us on info@webscrapingexpert.com

  • 6 years ago Dylan Young

    I would like to extract the data from http://www.houzz.com on a weekly basis for newly added business.

  • 6 years ago Ashley Lopez

    I came across your website and was wondering if you can generate database from truelocal.com.au. How soon can we get the list?

  • 5 years ago Kevin Grassa

    I have a list of websites that provides Hotel booking and price data. I need your help to scrape the prices for specific hotels daily and send it back to me. Are you capable to perform this extraction?

  • 5 years ago John Williams

    Is it possible if we can monitor the prices of products from http://www.amazon.de? Let me know price for data scraping.


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